How to Start a Phone Charger Business

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    With the development of electronic technology, people rely more and more on electronic products. A person may have 2-3 mobile phones at hand, and the accompanying phone accessories such as chargers and cables are essential. The demand is getting higher and higher, so as a cross-industry entrepreneur, if you want to do this business for electronic industry, but you are very worried. Today, i will teach you how to develop this business well?

    How is a charger made?

    1. Circuit design
    2. PCB board design
    3. Component placement layout
    4. PCB processing
    5. Assembly on the production line
    6. Welded components
    7. Debugging
    8. The assembly
    9. Packaging
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    5 Points you need to do before start business

    • Market Research
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    • Product Analysis
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    • Sales Channels
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    • Supplier Screening

    A good supplier can follow you to develop together, make suggestions for your development, save costs, and manage suppliers is very worry-free; bad suppliers will help your supplier management A lot of trouble. Through this article Choose a suitable supplier for your company’s development.

    • Logistics Options
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    What you need to know about chargers

    • Charger plug

    The most common charger plug is US, EU, AU, UK.

    • Local quality standards and requirements

    If the charger with quality problem may prevent the phone from charging and even cause serious problems such as fire. The charger is related to the safety of our lives, so safety must be guaranteed. During the production process, charger testing is essential! Through this article Regulatory Compliance and Testing, you will learn what are the quality test of chargers in production process? And you will know how to choose a good charger that meets your country’s quality standards.

    • Certification requirements
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    Those are the most common certification of phone chargers; through this article Phone charger certificate you can clearly know which certificate you need, so you can sell in your country.

    • Sales channel requirements for products

    The sales platform does not allow sellers to release products with brand logo like Apple, Samsung etc; The chargers are required with CE, UL certified, there will be certain requirements for the size of the charger, needs UPC or barcode on products, the packaging cannot exceed 15kg, and the transportation channel chooses DDP…

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    • The most popular charger in the market

    It’s most popular chargers for PD20W, PD30W, GAN charger in the market now.

    • Best-selling charger in target markets

    Best sell item is Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter in 2022

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    • Brand building awareness

    First of all, you need to design a charger of your own brand, you need to apply for an appearance patent, and print your brand logo on the product, design your independent packaging, vigorously promote your brand charger, and make your brand settle down popular and recognized.

    Through this article print brand logo, it will solve the problem of logo print on products.

    Through this article customized package, it will solve the problem of packaging customization for you.

    Wholesale and retail prices of phone chargers

    Wholesale price about $0.95-$3 per pieces, retail price about $7.99-$27.95 per pieces

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    image 6

    The prices for 1A, 2A, 2.4A, PD USB-C charger. If Multi-port charger or GAN charger prices will be higher)

    How to search for a charger suppliers?

    • Introduced by friends
    • Exhibition
    • Search through Google, etc.
    • Through B2B platform, like alibaba, made in china, global sources, etc
    • Find manufacturers offline also a common way.
    • Self-built station
    • SNS platform

    If would you like to know more about specific, please read this article: How to find the manufacturer of the charger in China.

    How to choose a logistics company?

    If you do a international business, then you must find a reliable logistics company to help you safely transport the goods from overseas to your country. Normal through Express DHL, UPS, fedex, Air or by Sea.

    Please read this article International express, air or sea, which works best for you?, you will know which shipment channel is more suitable for you.

    Safe Shipping Instructions.

    Different countries have different requirements and regulations on the import and export of goods. We must understand the details of each country’s import and export so that there will be no problems at critical times. 

    Please read this article International customs regulations and how to avoid deductions?, you will learn about the inspection policy of international customs, it will help you avoid any problems in the shipment, and let you sign for the goods smoothly.

    How profitable is this business?

    Retail price – wholesale price – shipping – tax – other cost = final profit.

    $7.99 – $0.95 – $0.5 – $0.05 – $1 = $5.49

    So if you sell 1000 units, you will get $5490

    Business success rate: 96%


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