Which mobile phone charger is best?? highly recomment of 4 types popular charger

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    In fact, in addition to the USB cable required for mobile phone charging, some chargers are often overlooked, and the quality of the charger has an impact on the service life of the battery. Which mobile phone charger is best? The original charger is safe to use, the fast charger charges quickly, the wireless charger is convenient to use, and the multi-ports charger is practical. IETGZ will here to introduce four types of popular mobile phone chargers here, so you can check which one will suit you.

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    Original Charger

    The original charger is a gift when you buy a mobile phone. It has a built-in smart chip and is safe to use. Non-original chargers may have charging accessories design that does not meet the standards, current and voltage cannot meet the requirements of the mobile phone, and damage to the battery of the mobile phone.

    Advantages: there are do not have compatibility problems for original charger, other model but the same brand phone can be universal and are safe to use.

    Disadvantages: The original chargers are more expensive.

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    Fast Charger

    Fast charging is related to the charger, USB cable, and the internal charging module of the mobile phone, all of which are indispensable. At present, the more common ones are high-pressure fast charging and low-pressure fast charging on the market. High-pressure fast charging has a large heat generation situation, while low-pressure fast charging does not have this situation, and it is more comfortable to use. To achieve the effect of fast charging, the mobile phone, USB cable, and charger must all support fast charging technology.

    Advantages: fast charging, especially suitable for charging in a short time.

    Disadvantages: To a certain extent, it will reduce battery life.

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    Wireless Charger

    The wireless charger uses wireless charging technology to transmit electric energy by using the alternating magnetic field generated between the coils. The inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting the charging base station and the equipment. No usb cable is needed, just place the phone directly on it to charge it.

    Advantages: easy to use, can charge a variety of devices.

    Disadvantages: The size are large, inconvenient to carry, expensive, and inconvenient to use the mobile phone when charging.

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    Multi-ports Charger

    The multi-port charger adopts intelligent shunt technology, which can be based on different models, intelligently match and stably output the required current, quickly charge without damaging the battery. It can meet the charging requirements of common devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile power supplies, and is easy to carry and has high practicability.

    Advantages: can charge multiple devices at the same time, compact and portable.

    Disadvantages: When all ports are working, the charger may become too hot.

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