Congratulations to IDEAL for complete success at the Global Electronics Show in Oct, 2019

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    2019 Global Sources Mobile Electronics-Spring
    Date: October 18-21th, 2019
    Booth number: 9E14
    Exhibition address: Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong


    On October 18th, the 2019 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show opened grandly at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. As the second phase of the Global Sources Show, it is also the world’s only sourcing exhibition focusing on mobile electronic products. This exhibition brings together verified high-quality suppliers from China, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia, and other places, as well as well-known brand buyers, Amazon, etc. Online platform sellers, OEM/ODM buyers, designers, and novice buyers have set up more than 3800 booths for innovative mobile electronic products such as electronic equipment, accessories, smart wearables, and a new technology gift exhibition.

    Global Sources Exhibition has a history of 17 years and has been committed to helping Chinese companies to open up overseas markets and is an important channel for Chinese suppliers’ products to export. Regardless of its scale or influence, the Global Sources Show, as an important indicator of the industry, has received particular attention from the industry.


    In the context of the global economic downturn and the trade disputes between China and the United States, whether the exhibition will be affected has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. However, from the point of view of the scene, although the peak number of visitors to the exhibition has been postponed compared with the past, overall, the scene has continuous exciting activities, abundant product highlights, and a lively atmosphere to clear the situation. In the current situation of increasing uncertainty and instability, the persistence of participating Chinese companies has demonstrated their own strength and confidence in the future.

    “We were worried before we came, but after we contacted our cooperating customers, we found that the customer’s feedback was not greatly affected by the environment. Those who should come will still come, so we made every preparation to come to the exhibition. Trade war Under such circumstances, customers are more cautious when making choices and decisions, but in this case, the companies that can be favored by buyers show that their strength is still excellent.” Our sales director Lydia told to the manager of the media world.

    How to deal with adversity

    In 2019, Trade disputes between China and the United States lasted for more than a year, and Chinese export companies were impacted to varying degrees. However, in the face of adversity, the growth of Chinese export companies and their ability to cope with competition are increasing day by day. As long as it is handled properly, Trade disputes between China and the United States will not curb the rise of China’s economy.

    According to a document issued by the Development Research Center of the State Council: Since 2019, China’s exports to the United States have declined significantly, but overall exports have maintained positive growth. China has maintained a positive growth in overall exports by relying on “trade substitution.” From the perspective of the destination of China’s exports, the proportion of exports to the United States fell 1.5% to 17%, and the proportions of exports to Europe, Asia and Africa increased by 1.1%, 0.2% and 0.2% respectively. At the same time, the pricing power, market expansion capabilities and brand influence of local companies have been enhanced in the face of trade adversity.

    It is not easy to achieve such results in this tough battle. Similarly, the Global Sources Exhibition witnessed a group of Chinese export companies that grew and transformed under adversity.

    The general manager of AA Co., Ltd. believes that Trade disputes between China and the United States has enabled the industry to achieve a more healthy development through integration, which has a positive effect on enterprises of a certain scale. Forcing companies to upgrade their professional capabilities and transforming backward companies. Their company’s products are mainly oriented to the world, with the United States accounting for 50% and Europe accounting for 20%. After the start of Trade disputes between China and the United States, it was mainly through the establishment of factories in cooperation with Vietnam to bypass the tariff policy of Trade disputes between China and the United States; at the same time, through resource integration, the independent brand of Collen was promoted from 2017 , And vigorously develop ODM to meet the needs of many small orders and diversified customers, and offset the negative impact of Trade disputes between China and the United States.

    The general manager of BB Co., Ltd. said that Trade disputes between China and the United States brought more uncertainty, leading to the inability to continue the traditional trade methods in the past, presenting a situation where challenges and opportunities coexist. It leads to loosening of the originally fixed channels. Customers may need to find suppliers again due to cost or insufficient innovation. On the contrary, it will force companies that stick to the “easy model” in the past to use their brains to innovate. “Customers need you to be able to develop products, not to manufacture products. Future orders will show the characteristics of fragmentation of multiple varieties and small batches, so it is a test of the flexible manufacturing capabilities of the enterprise.”

    As for the impression of this exhibition, we feel that although the number of visitors is relatively small in terms of the number of people, the quality of buyers is higher, the willingness to place orders is stronger, and there are fewer low-quality visitors

    For Chinese export companies, focusing on product innovation will build stronger market competitiveness for them. At the exhibition, we saw such a group of Chinese export companies, their active response to the trade difficulties, whether it is closely following the trend of product trends, or the application of innovative technology, it shows that Chinese export companies have grown through experience. .

    Guangzhou Ideal Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new private film products for the European and American markets at the exhibition. Single port/dual port/QC3.0/PD charger with customized packaging. Two kinds of unique and high-quality usb charging cables can support fast charging, up to 3A charging current, and them are very popular with customers in the mobile phone accessories industry. In addition, we have launched a customized mobile phone box, which can be sold as a package, providing brand customization for customers who sell mobile phones.

    Products Show

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    Group photo


    At here, congratulations to Guangzhou Ideal Electronic Technology Co., LTD for complete success in the 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Autumn Electronics Show.


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