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Hello, I'm Jessica Liu, the custom charger expert.

Hi, I’m Jessica Liu, the Founder and co-owner of, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes charger equipment for 11 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to charger from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

Jessica Liu

Know More About Me

Jessica Liu is the Founder of ietcharger and serves on its board of directors. More than 10-years of experience in sales department, I have accumulated rich experience in planning, marketing and management operations.

Bachelor of Science: Bachelor’s degree
Sspecialty: Teaching Chinese As Foreign Language (TCFL)
Academic performance: Excellent

Social activity:
1. a memberof the school’s student executive;
2. entered debate contests in school;
3. entered the school sports competition;
4. a member of the school’s chorus;
5. took part in the contest for career planning in our school;
6. won first prize in “Challenge Cup” National Science and Technology College of extra-curricular academic competition.

My Recent life Photos

Leading the team to active life, going to exhibitions all over the world to meet with customers face to face

The Achievements In My Life

In 2010, I created IDEAL

In the beginning, a small team of only 2 people now manages 200+ people

In 2016, i set up a branch company

branch company for SUODONG TRADING LIMITED

In 2012, I created a factory

I used all the resources, funds and contacts. final realize a system of factory & trade combination

In 2016-2021, HK electronic exhibition

We have been participating in the Hong Kong exhibition every year, this is a high expenditure and we have also gained a lot of customers and friends.

My Recent Posts

The Upcoming Release of the Apple iPhone 15 and the Optimal Charger Choice

It’s common knowledge that every September, Apple hosts a technological feast for fans worldwide. This year, the much-anticipated iPhone 15 is set to make its debut. For those of us keenly following Apple’s product line, a pressing question arises: will the new iPhone 15 continue to use a 20W charging rate, or will it upgrade to 25W, 30W, or even higher?

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How to test usb c cable speed?

To use the tester, plug one end of the USB-C cable into the input port of the tester and the other end into the output port. Then, connect the tester to your computer or any other USB-C device. The tester will display the voltage, current, and power readings.

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Why do lightning cables fail so easily?

is because Apple has abandoned the commonly used PVC material for “environmental protection”, and instead uses rubber TPE as an insulating layer. This material is safe, non-toxic, soft to the touch, and will not produce harmful substances when burned and landfilled.

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How to Start a Phone Charger Business

The demand is getting higher and higher of phone chargers, so as a cross-industry entrepreneur, if you want to do this business for electronic industry, but you are very worried. Today, i will teach you how to develop this business well?

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