Evaluation and dissection of 20W PD charger[MODEL:IET11CD]

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    Although the iPhone 12 is a new machine released by Apple last year, its impact still exists. The iPhone 12 series is Apple’s first model that no longer comes with a standard charger. Apple’s small move has completely driven the market for third-party PD fast-charge chargers. Major 3C accessory brands have launched 20W PD chargers to satisfy iPhone users.

    IDEAL also launched a “small U” 20W PD charger at this time. From the naming, it can be seen that the design direction of the charger is mainly compact. Today we also got this product. Let’s take a look.

    1. The appearance of the product.
    Image 5

    The products are available in classic black and white.
    On the upper end of the charger, a thin light is added to make it more noble and elegant.
    The product uses a U-shaped shell design to look more compact.
    Adding the gray 20W font makes it even more unique.

    2.Specific parameters:

    Image 8

    20W PD Power Adapter
    Made in China
    INPUT: AC100-240V 50/60HZ 0.8A
    OUTPUT: 5V/ 3A; 9V /2.22A; 12V/1.67A
    IDEAL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Can pass 3000V high voltage test.

    Production is strictly in accordance with CE and ROHS certification standards.

    At the same time, we can cooperate with customers to do other certifications.

    3.Volume and weight parameters

    Image 9

    Including step height 61.08mm

    Image 10

    without step height 42.74mm

    Image 11

    Top width : 42.43mm

    Image 12

    Bottom width : 40.32mm

    Image 13


    The three-dimensional parameters of the charger are 42.74*42.43*30.40mm, the volume of the charger is about 55.13cm³, and the maximum output is 20W, and the power density is about 0.36W/cm³.

    Image 14

    The size of one-third of the palm of the hand is moderate in size. It is more convenient to carry and use more comfortable.

    Image 15

    Product net weight 41G

    4.Dismantling and materials

    Environmentally friendly fireproof material, it will not continue to burn away from the fire source.

    Image 16

    Product structure disassembly

    Image 22

    There are no components on the back of the PCB.

    Image 24

    PCB length 38.22mm

    Image 25

    PCB width 34.70mm

    Image 26

    PCB thickness 18.42mm

    5.Compatibility and functional testing

    Image 17

    Real machine charging test

    Image 63

    Aging test: Work continuously for 4 hours under the load of 3A current, there is no under-voltage or under-current, over-voltage or over-current. After working for 4 hours, the surface temperature of the charger is about 50 degrees, and it is not hot .

    Image 65
    Image 67
    Image 66

    Place it at a high temperature of 55 degrees and a low temperature of minus 20 degrees for two hours each. After taking it out, check that the product has not melted or cracked.

    Image 18
    Image 19

    The voltage is 5V, the current is 2.99A, the power is 14.99W, and the fast charge is turned on.

    Image 20

    The voltage is 9.2V, the current is 2.217A, the power is 20.39W, and the fast charge is turned on.

    Image 21

    The voltage is 12V, the current is 1.667A, the power is 20.004W, and the fast charge is turned on.

    Test summary:
    For own mobile phone devices, there is no doubt that the small U 20W PD charger is fully compatible, with perfect handshake PD protocol, 5V gear, 9V gear, and 12V gear all have fast charging, which can bring a very good charging experience.


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