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The explosive growth of mobile digital devices represented by smart phones has brought great convenience to people’s lives and work. As the medium between the mobile phone and the charger, it is a data cable that does not seem to be very conspicuous, and its importance is often overlooked by people. And no matter how […]

100W 5A C2C USB cable Dismantling report

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At the CES exhibition in 2020, a number of 100W super fast charging chargers were displayed, and then chargers above 120W were launched on the market. Xiaomi’s future mobile phones support 120W fast charging. Various signs indicate that the 100W fast charging market has already Came quietly. To achieve 100W fast charging, a 20V5A data […]

Disassembly report: CE certified USB-C to Lightning braided cable


Apple users should feel that the original Apple cable is not too durable, and cracking and bursting of the skin are common. Because of this, after Apple released the new iPhone this year, many brands followed suit to launch their own new braided cords. Recently, the editor got a USB-C to Lightning braided cable. Today […]

USB 3.0 to USB-C cable Dismantling report


As more and more Type-c interfaces are used in various digital devices, the demand for Type-C cables is also increasing. Like the previous generations of data interfaces, Type-C also has both data and current transmission functions. Naturally, I care more about current transmission capabilities. The following is an evaluation of a USB3.0 Type-C data cable. […]

USB-C to USB-C 12V 3A cable Disassemble the evaluation report.


Apple released a new version of MacBook Pro, removing the traditional USB interface and replacing it with 4 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) interfaces. This wave of far-reaching impact, many peripheral devices will follow, Type-c to Type-c data cable will It will be a hot spot in the future, not only MacBook, but many mobile phones have […]

Double nylon zinc alloy data cable Dismantling report [Model:IET2020C5]


IDEAL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2010. The main products include chargers, data cables, mobile phone holders, earphones, selfie sticks and other digital accessories. We strive to provide users with high-quality digital accessories, and launch a star product with super-industry technology and market response speed.Talking about today’s key data cables, the commonly used […]

5V 2A TPE cable Disassemble the evaluation report [IET2020C2]


The original cable is too expensive, it is better to take a look at this TPE cable, a variety of colors can be selected, three commonly used connectors are available. The use of TPE material makes the wire feel softer. The most important thing is that this cable is really too cheap and cost-effective. Step […]

Nylon 2A cable Dismantling evaluation report 【IET2020C1】

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Step 1. Appearance and basic specifications Specification:Model: IET2020C1Material:Nylon+ABSConnector:USB C/ Micro/Lightingpower:10WOutput:5V 2A The nylon material feels soft, and the joints are all ABS materials that wrap the PCB and chips. The measured product weight is 27g only, Very light and easy to carry. Test wire diameter 3.84mm Step 2. Functional test Mobile phone charging test Data […]