How to choose a mobile phone charger?After reading this, you can say goodbye to the difficulty of choosing!

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    When the iPhone 12 was released, Apple did not send a charging head on the grounds of environmental protection. Immediately afterwards, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Meizu began to imitate Apple to cancel the gift of chargers.
    Once, when I went on a business trip, I forgot to charge my phone that night, and I woke up in the morning with 1% battery left. After charging for 10 minutes, the power was only increased by 3%. At that time, a 5w ordinary charger was used.
    My mood plummeted in an instant, and I was worried that I would not be able to contact customers later. Maybe if I miss the big order, I will be unemployed.

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    I went downstairs in a hurry, the front desk clerk looked at me so flustered and asked me if I could help. I talked about the difficulties I encountered, and she borrowed the Xiaomi 65w GAN charger for me.
    A very miraculous thing happened. After 20 minutes, the battery became 45%. At that time, my heart finally relaxed.

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    About the charger. These things you need to know.

    1. What is the fast charging protocol?
      The fast charging protocol refers to a convention in which the charger coordinates the voltage and current flowing to the mobile phone battery to achieve the maximum power during the fast charging process. Like a faucet, you can control the flow of water.
      Common fast charging protocols include Qualcomm QC and PD protocols, as well as mobile phone manufacturers’ own private protocols.
    2. What is a GaN charger?
      The charger uses “gallium nitride” new material instead of “silicon”, which has the properties of high switching frequency, high electrical load and low on-resistance. Compared with ordinary chargers, the biggest advantage is its small size.
    3. The difference between original charger and non-original charger
      The original charger is the charger produced by the mobile phone manufacturer, and the quality, safety and after-sales are guaranteed. Non-original chargers refer to chargers other than original ones, which are not well recognized by mobile phone users.
      Since mobile phone manufacturers canceled the gift of accessories, more and more people have begun to recognize non-original chargers. The original ones are too expensive, and the non-original prices are affordable.
    1. Will the fast charging charger deplete the battery of the mobile phone? Is it safe?
      No, the so-called wear and tear is the normal wear and tear of the mobile phone battery. We are currently using fast charging chargers, which have passed the national 3C certification, and can be assured of safety. Common fast charging power is 20w to 120w.
    2. Common charging head data line interface
      Common types of interfaces include TypeC, TypeA, Lightning, and Micro USB. The TypeC interface has now become the mainstream electronic device interface in the market, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and oppo. vivo.
      The Lightning interface is a unique charging interface for Apple devices, which is called mfi certification. Micro USB interface is the interface of old-fashioned digital products, but it is slowly withdrawing from the market now.

    Wired Chargers vs Wireless Chargers

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    1. Charging efficiency
      Wired charger: The output power is large, like a gallium nitride charger can reach 120W, and the natural charging is fast.
      Wireless charger: The current mainstream in the market is 15-50W, and the charging time is longer–point.
    2. Convenience:
      Wired charger: charging needs to be plugged into the interface, which is cumbersome to operate, which will make it troublesome for a long time.
      Wireless charger: save the step of plugging in the interface, and put it directly on the charging board, worry-free operation.
    3. Degree of hotness:
      Wired charger: The charging conversion rate is high, the heat dissipation is low, and the phone does not feel hot when charging and playing.
      Wireless charger: The relative conversion rate is low, and the temperature is a little higher than that of the wired charger, and there will be a hot phenomenon.

    Points to consider before choosing a charger
    ●Look at the charger brand
    ●Charging efficiency
    ●Look at the data cable
    ●Size and convenience

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    1. Look at the charger brand
      The brand represents the safety and after-sales guarantee of the mobile phone charger, as well as whether it meets the product quality requirements.Pay special attention to low-quality chargers. It is a trivial matter if you use them a few times. In serious cases, it will catch fire or explode, endangering your own safety.
    2. Charging efficiency
      Charging efficiency refers to the speed of charging, which is determined by the output power. First look at the maximum charging power and charging protocol supported by the mobile phone, and then match the corresponding charger. The worst thing is that I chose a 65w gallium amide charger, and the maximum power supported by the mobile phone is only 20w, which is too much money.
    3. Look at the data line
      Once, my friend bought a charger with only the charging head and no data cable. His previous iPhone was a type-a, which could not be charged with fast charging, so he spent money to buy a type-c to Lightning interface.
      For Apple mobile phones, it is recommended to purchase a data cable that has passed Apple’s MFI certification. Android machine, generally two-way type-c and type-a to type-C.
    4. Size and convenience
      At present, the Android phone wants high power, and the volume will be too large. If you want to experience the compact size, you can choose a gallium nitride charger. The pins of some brand chargers can be folded, which is more convenient to carry. For multiple digital devices, consider a charger with multiple ports, which can charge multiple devices at the same time.
    5. The price of the charger
      This factor should be considered at the end. After all, you get what you pay for, and good products are naturally expensive. Under the satisfaction of their basic needs, they must pursue cost-effective products, rather than excessive brand premiums.
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    Recommended reason:
    ●Grey-white tone, beautiful design, exquisite workmanship, good touch feeling
    Inexpensive and cost-effective
    ●Suitable for iphone 13 and above models, Android phone 18w fast charge, safe and stable performance


    Recommended reason:
    The GAN charger is small in size, the pins can be folded, and it is easy to carry out without getting in the way
    2* USB C interface + 1 USB QC3.0 interface, which can meet the charging of different devices at the same time.
    After charging for 30 minutes, the power reaches 60%, and when the power reaches 80%, it automatically switches to trickle mode to protect the battery

    ga qc8105
    ga qc8107

    Recommended reasons:  

    ● Independent brand, CE ROHS certification, charging with rest assured.  

    ● Fast charging speed, more than 50% power in 30 minutes. 


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