What is fast charging for mobile phone? And how it work?

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    Over the years, with the advancement of technology, fast charging has gradually entered everyone’s field of vision. The major manufacturers have made hype of their own fast charger, and each manufacturer expresses how much and how much percentage of their fast charging products can be filled in a short period of time. But do you really understand what is fast charging?

    fast charging
    fast charging

    Learn about fast charging

    1. What is fast charging?

    Fast charging refers to a charging method that can make the battery reach or close to a fully charged state within 1 to 2 hours. Simply put, it is a charger that can quickly charge for mobile phone, which is called fast charging.

    Now it is generally required that the charger has PD fast charging protocol (Apple), or Qualcomm QC technology (Android).

    2. How fast is it?

    How fast can it be called fast charging? Apple and most phones come standard with a 5W charger in the past. And then as long as the power is greater than 5W, it is called fast charging, such as 12W, 20W, 30W, 65W and so on.

    12W fast charging is about twice as fast as 5W.

    20W fast charging is about 3 times faster than 5W.

    And so on.

    3. What’s fast charging range?

    So, is there a 65W fast charger, then you needn’t to consider the charging time in the future?
    No, because in addition to wall charger support fast charging, the phone also needs to support fast charging function.

    For example,
    From iPhone 6 series to iPhone 7 series, support up to 12W.
    From iPhone 8 series to iPhone 12 series, support up to 20W.

    The newly released iPhone 13 max up to 27W.

    iphone 6 13


    There are too many models, so I will not give examples one by one. You can check the manual of the corresponding model online.

    Android is generally much more aggressive than iPhone, and it basically chases the power of notebooks.


    If your phone only supports 20W, even if you charging use a 65W charger, the charging speed is the same as 20W charger, so before choosing a fast charge, please check in advance how much power of your phone supports.

    4. What cable is used for fast charging?

    Apple Fast charge with PD protocol needs to use type c to lightning cable.

    type c to lightning 1

    Android’s fast charging is not so complicated, you can use the most common USB to Typec-C cable.

    tyep c cable

    However, many wall chargers are dual-protocol now, supporting both PD and QC, so there are two solutions.

    Option A: The wall charger has only one USB-C port, you can use the type c to lightning cable and the type c to type c cable, as shown in the below photo.

    image 4

    Solution B: The wall charger has both a USB-C port and a USB-A port, as shown below. This kind of charer can also charging two devices at the same time. When the two ports are used alone, they are both fast charging. If they are used together, they will change back to slow charging together.

    image 5

    The Best Fast Charger

    1. 20W Fast Charger

    A. 1:1 original apple charger


    B. PD 20W USB-C Fast Charger


    C. 20W Dual-Port Wall Charger Plug

    4 1

    2. 30W Fast Charger – 30W is generally on gallium nitride GaN.

    image 9

    3. 35W Fast Charger – 1:1 Apple Dual Type C power adapter

    image 10

    4. 65W Fast Charger – Usually used by laptops.

    A. Dual USB-C PD GaN Wall Charger – 65W


    B. 65W USB A + Type C PD GaN Charger


    C. 3-Port 65W USB C Charger

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