USB 3.0 to USB-C cable Dismantling report

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    As more and more Type-c interfaces are used in various digital devices, the demand for Type-C cables is also increasing. Like the previous generations of data interfaces, Type-C also has both data and current transmission functions. Naturally, I care more about current transmission capabilities. The following is an evaluation of a USB3.0 Type-C data cable.

    1.Packaging and appearance

    image 48

    High-end packaging box with UV and gravure design on the surface. The combination of black and green looks more mysterious.

    image 49

    Open the lid on the surface of the box, which is attracted by a magnet. There is a visual window inside to see the product. The cable is fixed and protected by blister and it is also more convenient to display.

    image 67

    Product specifications:
    USB 3.0 to Type-c
    Material: TPE
    Line length: 1M
    Maximum current: 3A
    Color: white, black, can be customized
    Packing: can be customized

    image 50

    The wire is tied up with a white leather strap, The material of the Cable is TPE, and the surface is very smooth.

    image 59

    The rubber core adopts the blue color commonly used in USB3.0 specifications, and there are 5 reeds in the back, which are standard USB3.0 plugs.

    image 51

    The overall length of the cable, including the plugs at both ends, is about 103cm.

    image 53

    The wire diameter is about 4.35mm, which is quite thick, which reduces the convenience of daily carrying.

    image 54

    The net weight of the product is 30g

    2. Function test

    image 55

    Mobile phone charging test

    image 56

    Data transmission test

    image 57

    Cut off the connectors at both ends and test the cable resistance

    image 58

    The test voltage is 5V, and the maximum current is 3A

    3. Dismantling report

    image 66

    Disassemble the plastic shell, the connectors inside are all wrapped by plastic.

    image 65

    There are core welding on both sides of the PCB.

    image 60

    Cut the white outer skin of TPE, you can see that there is a layer of shielding net inside.

    image 61

    There is also a layer of aluminum foil inside the shielding net, double-layer shielding, and double-layer protection.

    image 62

    Remove the aluminum foil layer to reveal the cores of various colors. Black and red are power cords. The others are data transmission lines.

    image 63

    The blue wires we saw just now also have shielding layers, and there are two wires inside.

    image 64

    Dismantling is complete, take a group photo


    Because of the limitation of the A port, the A TO C cable can only achieve the USB3.0 protocol. The material used for this cable is strong and it is completely in accordance with the standard 3.0. The shielding layer and tin foil are complete, the internal resistance is amazing, and the internal cable is thick. Make the whole line thicker, of course, without sacrificing performance. In short, this is a rare A TO C line. I hope that the new brand will not forget its original intention and move on.


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