The Upcoming Release of the Apple iPhone 15 and the Optimal Charger Choice

iphone 15

It’s common knowledge that every September, Apple hosts a technological feast for fans worldwide. This year, the much-anticipated iPhone 15 is set to make its debut. For those of us keenly following Apple’s product line, a pressing question arises: will the new iPhone 15 continue to use a 20W charging rate, or will it upgrade to 25W, 30W, or even higher?

Does the iPhone 14 series come with a charger?


Apple claims that in order to reduce global carbon emissions, from October 2020, all iPhones on sale will no longer include other mobile phone accessories and need to be purchased by themselves. but what kind of charger should be used for the new Apple 14 mobile phone, will Apple 14 mobile phone be upgraded to use 30w fast charge?

Difference between QC2.0 3.0 4.0


QC2.0 3.0 4.0 are high-frequency words that appear in our mobile phone accessories industry, but there are still many customers who don’t know their concepts and differences very well. Today, I will systematically share with you what is QC4.0, what is the difference between different QC versions?

Why Macs and other laptops are ditching USB Ports and adopt Type-C?


Nowadays, more and more Windows laptops have used the design of full USB Type-C and full Thunderbolt interface.Then this also creates a problem. When our notebook is out of power, one port is charged, and the external device can only have one Type-C port.But why do Apple and other computer manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi insist on using only one Type-c port for laptops?