USB-C to USB-C 12V 3A cable Disassemble the evaluation report.

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    Apple released a new version of MacBook Pro, removing the traditional USB interface and replacing it with 4 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) interfaces. This wave of far-reaching impact, many peripheral devices will follow, Type-c to Type-c data cable will It will be a hot spot in the future, not only MacBook, but many mobile phones have changed to Type-C interface. Remove a Type-c to Type-c data cable below.

    Step 1. Appearance and basic specifications

    image 70

    This product is developed by IDEAL’s factory in 2021, so there is no packaging. If the customer needs, customized packaging can also be supported.

    image 87

    The measured line length is 101CM, which meets the normal use of the equipment.

    image 72

    The measured product weight is 24g, which is relatively light and easy to carry.

    image 73

    Test wire diameter 3.87mm

    image 89

    The Type-c plug can be seen to be symmetrical, with a total of 24 pins.

    Attach a brief description of the 24pin of USB-C.

    image 90

    Step 2. Functional test

    image 77

    Mobile phone charging test

    image 76

    Data transmission test

    image 78

    cable resistance test

    image 79

    The actual test voltage is 12V, the maximum current can reach 3A, and the power is 36W, which can meet the requirements of fast charging of mobile phones.

    Step 3. Disassemble

    image 80

    Both ends are the same plastic shell

    image 81

    Disassemble the plastic shell and the glue layer, you can see the front and back of the PCB, one of said is soldered with the wire.

    image 82

    Cut the white cable outer skin, you can see 5 colored lines, of which black and red are power lines, and the other three are data transmission.

    image 83

    Cut the cable and look at the cross section, you can see that the cores of the two power cords are relatively thick. The data transmission line core is relatively thin.

    image 84

    Cut each core, each core is composed of copper wire and Kevlar fiber anti-breaking wire. Increased the toughness of the cable, making it less likely to break.

    image 85

    Black line close-up. It can be seen that they are all made of pure copper wire.

    image 86

    The disassembly is complete, and all the accessories are taken photo together.

    This USB-C to USB-C cable is soft to the touch, moderate in length, and meticulous in workmanship. Kevlar fiber is added to each core inside to prevent breakage. The maximum current can reach 3A. Suitable for most fast charging mobile phones.


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