Double nylon zinc alloy data cable Dismantling report [Model:IET2020C5]

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    IDEAL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2010. The main products include chargers, data cables, mobile phone holders, earphones, selfie sticks and other digital accessories. We strive to provide users with high-quality digital accessories, and launch a star product with super-industry technology and market response speed.
    Talking about today’s key data cables, the commonly used original Apple data cables are expensive and low cost performance, especially the quality of the outer skin of the data cable is too poor, and it will be disconnected when it is often bent in daily use, and some third parties have demonstrated the performance of the data cable. Not bad, today I bring you a disassembly of a double nylon braided data cable from IDEAL, let us walk into the world of IDEAL together.

    Step 1. Appearance and basic specifications


    IDEAL this double nylon zinc alloy data cable has been launched in 5 colors. Black, cosmic black, blue, red and gray.

    There are three types of connectors, Type c, micro, Lightning. Suitable for most mobile phones.

    Model: IET2020C5
    Material:Nylon+Zinc alloy
    Connector:USB C/ Micro/Lighting
    power:15W / 20w
    Output:5V 3A / 9V 2.25A

    image 1

    The classic black and white nylon mix adds a touch of extravagance to the data cable. It looks more upscale. The whole wire is stronger.

    image 2

    The measured product weight is 40g

    image 3

    Test wire diameter 3.7mm

    image 4

    The measured line length is 149CM, which meets the normal use of the equipment.

    Step 2. Functional test

    image 5

    Mobile phone charging test

    image 6

    Data transmission test

    image 7

    cable resistance test

    image 8

    The actual test voltage is 5V, the maximum current can reach 3A, and the power is 15W, which can meet most mobile phone charging requirements.

    Step 3. Disassemble

    image 9

    The surface of the zinc alloy joint is smooth and shiny, and the mysterious black joint is very favorite. There is an indicator hole at the front connector, and the indicator will display when the power is turned on.

    image 10

    Peel off the zinc alloy joints. All the glue inside protects the joints. Remove the glue and you can see that the wire core is neatly soldered on the circuit board.

    image 13

    The inside of the double-layer nylon is a PVC skin, and a layer of aluminum foil is added to the inside to shield interference.

    Cut the white PVC skin, you can see 4 colored lines, of which black and red are power lines, and the other 2 are data transmission.

    image 14

    All wire cores are pure copper wire core + Kevlar fiber anti-breakage. Make the cable harder to break.

    image 15

    Disassemble the wire from the outside to the inside. Shown from left to right.

    image 16

    The disassembly is complete, and all the accessories are taken photo together.

    Step 4. Summarize

    IDEAL’s double-layer nylon braided wire has passed the 3A test. It is of high quality from the point of view of the material. Because the double-layer nylon braided feels harder, it is with multiple protections that it has a longer life and a higher cost performance. In general, It is a good data cable worth having.


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