100W 5A C2C USB cable Dismantling report

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    At the CES exhibition in 2020, a number of 100W super fast charging chargers were displayed, and then chargers above 120W were launched on the market. Xiaomi’s future mobile phones support 120W fast charging. Various signs indicate that the 100W fast charging market has already Came quietly. To achieve 100W fast charging, a 20V5A data cable is indispensable.

    Facing the rise of the 100W high-power fast charging market, IDEAL recently launched a 100W USB-C to USB-C data cable, the cable length is 2m, the power transmission capacity is 20V/5A, and the data transmission capacity is USB 2.0. Support 100W PD fast charge. Let’s disassemble this data cable to see how its design works.

    1.Packaging and product appearance

    image 4

    The packaging adopts black + dark green opening design, which is more high-end and adds a sense of mystery.

    image 5

    The Gift box is fixed with transparent blister, and the cable is tied with a custom leather strap. The details are more divided.

    image 23

    This data cable is made of TPE material with white skin. The overall surface of the line body is smooth without burrs, and soft and flexible.

    image 6

    Use a vernier caliper to measure the diameter of the data line 4.48mm.

    image 8

    product weight 62.9g

    2. Energy consumption test

    image 25

    Test C2C cable for mobile phone charging

    image 10

    Test data transmission

    image 11

    The measured charging voltage is 20V, the current is 5A, and the charging power reaches 100W, indicating that this data line supports 100W fast charging.

    image 26

    Measured 1M usb cable resistance 15 ohms

    3. C2C 100W Cable disassembly

    image 13
    image 14

    Cut the white TPE outer skin, and use a shielding net inside for shielding protection and stabilizing the woven net layer.

    image 15

    There is also a layer of shielding aluminum foil under the shielding net to enhance the shielding effect.

    image 16

    The inner cable are spirally wound together, making the whole more robust.

    image 18

    image 19

    A close-up of the red wire core, the inside of the plastic sheath is composed of a copper wire core. In addition, it is found that the other cores are also made of copper wires, so I will not repeat them.

    image 20

    A close-up of the black wire core

    image 21

    A list of wire parts, from left to right are TPE white skin, metal shielding net, aluminum foil composite shielding layer, data and power cores, and ground wires.

    Disassembly summary

    The IDEAL 100W fast charging data cable is available in black and white styles, the cable body is soft and flexible, and the cable length is about 195cm, which can easily cope with various usage scenarios. The cable uses a dual-chip design, suitable for Apple MacBook Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2020, Galaxy S10 Plus S9 S8 Plus, Pixel, Switch, LG V20 and other devices, charging faster and more stable.

    It is found through disassembly that the performance is excellent; the wire body is equipped with a metal shielding net and shielding aluminum foil. The overall anti-interference and tensile performance of the product is guaranteed.


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