5 types of charger printing logo technology to make your brand unique

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    In the increasingly competitive global market, a brand is not only a logo of a company, it’s also a symbol of corporate culture. At the same time, it is also a form of visual information expression formed in people’s long-term life and practice, which has a certain meaning and can be understood by people. Therefore, many companies better like to print their own LOGO on the products. So do you know what the logo printing methods are? Next, ietcharger will take everyone to find out!

    • Silk screen printing – It is put the logo through a special mesh to leak the ink on paper or other materials. it has many advantages, and should be widely used in promotional gift. Its characteristics can be printed on the surface of objects of different shapes, the plate is soft and will not damage the substrate, and the adhesion is strong. The production process of screen printing is: original pattern → photographic plate → silk screen plate → copyable ink → developing ink → drying → printing → inspection → finished product

    • Hot stamping – it is also imprint technology, refers to the method of stamping text and patterns of materials such as colored foil on the surface of the gift, or embossing various patterns or patterns by hot pressing. Hot stamping is generally used for gift packaging of paper, fabric and leather. There are colorless hot stamping, single-color hot stamping, mixed hot stamping and over-hot stamping. The production process of hot stamping is: original pattern→ photographic plate → revised edition → hot stamping → drying → inspection → finished product

    • Oxidation – Oxidation craft paper is the printing process for the surface of metal gifts such as magnesium and aluminum alloy. It uses organic solvents as the medium, and uses cutting-edge discharges to generate film patterns or texts similar to ceramic layers on the surface of the product. The oxidation effect on the metal surface will be more beautiful than the silk screen. Oxidation production process: shelf → surface pretreatment → low temperature polishing → oxidation → cleaning → air drying → inspection → finished product

    • Pad printing – Pad printing refers to thermal transfer printing. The transfer printing of gift logos is mainly applied to polyester fiber products, but with the improvement of transfer printing. It can also be used for nylon, acrylonitrile, cotton and linen, etc. Pad printing is divided into wet printing, dry printing, steam printing and other forms. The characteristics of pad printing are realistic logo patterns, clear layers, and strong three-dimensionality. Mainly used for precise pattern printing of high-end gifts.

    • Laser – The laser principle of the logo is similar to that of printing the logo on the surface of the gift. The only difference is that laser engraving is to shoot the laser on wood products, acrylic and other packaging materials. Laser engravable materials include: wood products, plexiglass, metal plates, glass, stone, crystal, paper, two-color plates, alumina, leather, resin, sprayed metal, etc. Laser engraving is characterized by fine logo and strong sense of technology.

    Above several printing technologies, the most commonly used charger printing is silk screen and laser. Laser is generally monochrome-gray. The silk screen can be monochrome or colorful. If it is only monochrome, the cost is almost.

    In this article, I will elaborate on the following outline:

    • How to design your logo?
    • The cost of logo print on charger
    • Charger printing process.
    Oem Logo

    How to design your logo?

    You can design your logo through this website https://looka.com/

    The cost of logo print on charger

    Logos of different sizes need to be opened with a steel plate, the steel plate fee is 200RMB/size of logo, one steel plate for each color (if two or more color of logo, the cost will higher), after you only need to pay print fee of charger without steel plate fee in future order.

    Charger printing process.


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