10 TIPS to choose a high-quality mobile phone accessory supplier

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    Every purchaser hopes to find a high-quality supplier, and every supplier also wants to be selected by the purchaser. Nowadays, when many companies choose suppliers, they often choose according to the supplier’s impression, and often the choices made in this way are not very comprehensive. So, when choosing a supplier, what are the criteria and what indicators do you need to look at?

    1. The product quality is qualified
    2. Lower cost
    3. Timely delivery
    4. The service level is better
    5. A sound supply management system
    6. Perfect internal organization of supply
    7. Agile market sense
    8. Strong communication skills
    9. Flexibility
    10. Better industry expertise
    1. The product quality is qualified:
      Qualified product quality is an important prerequisite for judging high-quality suppliers. For purchasing companies, even if the price given by the supplier is low, the product cannot meet the purchasing requirements, which is unacceptable.
    2. Lower cost:
      When choosing a supplier, cost is an important consideration. The level of purchase cost affects the final output efficiency. Here, the cost cannot be understood as only the purchase price, because the cost includes not only the Product price, but also the raw materials or parts, packaging costs and transportation costs, everything that happens during use expenditure.
    3. Timely delivery:
      Whether the supplier can organize the supply according to the agreed delivery period and delivery conditions directly affects the continuity of production. Therefore, delivery time is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing a supplier.
    4. Good service level:
      The overall service level of a supplier refers to the ability and attitude of the supplier’s internal operations to cooperate with the purchasing enterprise. The main indicators of the supplier’s overall service level are training services, installation services, warranty repair services, and technical support services.
    5. A sound supply management system:
      When the purchaser evaluates whether the supplier meets the requirements, one of the important links is to see whether the supplier adopts the corresponding quality system for quality and management. For example, whether the company has passed the IS09000 quality system certification, whether the internal staff has completed various tasks in accordance with the quality system, and whether the quality level meets the requirements of the internationally recognized IS09000.
    6. Perfect internal organization of supply:
      The internal organization and management of the supplier is related to the supplier’s supply efficiency and service quality in the future. If the supplier’s organizational structure is chaotic, the efficiency and quality of procurement will decline, and even the supply activities cannot be completed in time and with high quality due to the arguing between the supplier departments.

    The comprehensive conditions of the supplier are of course very important, but the buyer contacts the salesperson the most. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the salesperson:

    1. Agile market sense:
      Today’s society is an electronic age, and mobile electronic devices are updated very quickly. Salespersons need to quickly keep up with market changes and grasp the trend of market changes. Provide useful information to purchasers.
    2. Strong communication skills:
      In cross-border trade, due to differences in language, culture, and customs, the ability to express and communicate has become very important. Whether the salesperson can accurately receive the meaning and requirements expressed by the purchaser, and whether they can accurately describe the problem, determines to a large extent whether the procurement process can proceed smoothly.
    3. Strong flexibility:
      Due to various factors such as time lag, culture, and policies, many unpredictable problems may occur. Salesmen need to be flexible to deal with the problems that arise and solve them smoothly. It is a very good bridge between the customer and the factory.
    4. professional knowledge in the industry is better: If the salesperson knows nothing about the industry’s professional knowledge, production process and process, then it will be very difficult to communicate the order and there will be many problems. Therefore, the professional knowledge of the salesperson is equally important.

    Choose a supplier that is suitable for your company’s development. A good supplier can follow you to develop together, make suggestions for your development, save costs, and manage suppliers is very worry-free; bad suppliers will help your supplier management A lot of trouble.


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