Global USB Type-c Market Current and Future Trends

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    For a long time, it seems lucky to plug in a USB micro Android phone for charging.

    You can insert it once, but the actual situation is that you must try and study the interface carefully. 

    However, now this annoying scene is already changing.

    The follow-up USB Type-C successfully solved this pain point. It can be called the “Lighting” of Android phones. It realizes the convenience of plugging in and charging, and Type-C has gradually become a new technology promoted by major manufacturers. , Several major technology leaders such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, etc. have all connected to the Type-C standard in 2020, and the USB-C revolution seems to be coming.

    USB-C charger with fast charge technology has four directions in application: mobile phones, consumer electronics, tablets, laptops and automobiles. Among them, mobile phones are the largest part of the sales market, accounting for 65.44% of the entire market.

    USB3.1 Type-c also has these new features

    For USB Type-C, the first thing that everyone thinks of is its irrespective plugging methods, but the changes brought by Type-C are far more than that.

    1. It takes up less space and reduces the wear and tear of charging inserts. Type-C has a compact structure and takes up less space on the circuit board, which is definitely good news for hardware designers
    2. Strong compatibility: In addition to the role of data transmission, Type-C can also undertake multiple functions such as power supply, Display Port, HDMI and VGA. The trouble of multi-wire and multi-interface will end here.
    3. High speed and high current: The transmission rate of USB 3.1 Type-C interface has been greatly improved, reaching 10 Gbps. In addition, Type-C has a power supply capacity of up to 20V/5A, tablets and notebooks can be powered through this interface.

    There is rarely a technology or standard that has fully penetrated into our lives like USB. Nearly two decades of development, USB has always assumed that great mission, silently transmitting data and power to us. Although the speed and standards have been improved several times, ordinary users can hardly feel this change, and the emergence of the Type-C standard has broken this situation.

    The development history of Type-c

    In April 2014, Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc. proposed to the USB-IF Association in response to the current trend of the mobile terminal, and then many major international manufacturers discussed the formulation of the USB Type-C standard;

     At the beginning of 2015, Microsoft and Nokia jointly launched the Nokia N1 tablet with a Type-C USB interface, the first innovation.

    In the 2015 Apple spring conference, the new generation of New MacBook was officially launched, and the body only retained a Type-C interface, which attracted a lot of attention.

    In June 2015, the Google I/O Conference once again caught Type-C under the spotlight. Prior to this, Google also released a notebook ChromeBook with a Type-C interface before Apple.


    In addition to the new products that have been released, a large number of products to be released have also confirmed the Type-C standard, including the next generation of Google Nexus, the upcoming Microsoft Surface mobile phone and other products. At the same time, Microsoft confirmed at the Microsoft WinHec conference that Windows 10 introduced support for USB Dual Role and Type-C, while Intel stated that it has supported external graphics cards on the Type-C interface.

    While the international technology giants are rapidly following up the Type-C standard, Chinese manufacturers have also followed up, including the high-profile release of LeTV super phones, and the recently released OnePlus second-generation mobile phones, ZUK Z1 and other mobile phones. Some have enjoyed the benefits of the new technical standards and the good feedback they have received from consumers. In the second half of the year, the major manufacturers’ standard Type-C sales were very hot in the Chinese market. From China’s production and sales to the world, customers have purchased a large number of them, and there was even a lack of chips for a while.


    Apple also responded to the standard, why?

    As we all know, iPhone products above iPhone 5, Apple’s own Lightning Dock interface has been connected, and it also supports positive and negative plugging. Apple with this technology has been free from the Micro USB standard. However, the New MacBook released in the spring of this year was shocking, abandoning its own magnetic charging interface and integrating all interfaces into a Type-C interface.

    Experience the superb magnetic charging port being abandoned or even leaving no backup plan. Apple’s innovation, from the side, what we see is: without the practical innovation of new technology and mature practical experience, Apple will never dare Taking this dangerous move, Apple once again walked in the forefront on the road of technological revolution.

    Apple chose to jointly implement the Type-C standard with Microsoft, Google, Intel and other technology giants, which is enough to show that type-C has become the next-generation transmission standard. This trend is irreversible, and type-c chargers are already The mainstream trend is different from the previous iterations of the USB standard. This time the Type-C trend, major national manufacturers have also introduced Type-c chargers, type-c to type-c data cables, and type-c to lightning cables.To make the charging of the mobile phone faster and more convenient.


    Type-c products and the newly launched Type-c Gan charger are inevitable trends. This will continue to attract everyone’s attention in 2021 and for a long time. Have friends around you also replaced type-c products?


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