vita huang

vita huang

Hi, I am Vita. As a salesperson of IDEAL, I have been interested in business and committed to in-depth research and understanding of mobile phone accessories, exploring the development trend of new products. I hope that my article sharing can give us an in-depth understanding of the field of mobile phone accessories !

Does the iPhone 14 series come with a charger?

Apple claims that in order to reduce global carbon emissions, from October 2020, all iPhones on sale will no longer include other mobile phone accessories and need to be purchased by themselves. but what kind of charger should be used for the new Apple 14 mobile phone, will Apple 14 mobile phone be upgraded to use 30w fast charge?

Difference between QC2.0 3.0 4.0

QC2.0 3.0 4.0 are high-frequency words that appear in our mobile phone accessories industry, but there are still many customers who don't know their concepts and differences very well. Today, I will systematically share with you what is QC4.0, what is the difference between different QC versions?

Plug, socket & voltage by country

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There are different standards for plugs in the world, such as the British standard, the national standard, the American standard, the European standard, the South African standard, and the Italian standard. For the convenience of everyone, I have sorted out the voltage of each country and the plug.

Speed of USB and Thunderbolt

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In our electronic equipment, chargers, data cables, hubs, hosts and other electronic products, we can often see USB ports, and they have different colors. Next, let me tell you the speed difference between USB ports and Thunderbolt.