What are the types of mobile phone chargers?

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    When the fast charging technology did not appear, charging was completed all night. The mobile phone was charging and playing at same time, It may be that the charge is not as fast as it drops. I always felt that the emergence and popularization of fast charging technology was enough worthy of a revolution in the field of mobile phones.


    With the advancement of electronic technology, smart phones have become very popular. People spend most of time to use mobile phone in the day, but if the mobile phone is out of power, it is very distressing, so what type of charger should we choose? There are actually quite a few types of mobile phone chargers. Generally, mobile phone chargers are divided into the following five categories:

    1. Normal charger
    2. Quick charger
    3. Super charger
    4. PD charger
    5. GaN charger

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    What’s normal charger?

    General charging refers to 5v2A or 5v1A, the 2A is standard on Android devices, and the 1A is exclusive to iPhone (although your battery life is short, but charging is slow). Most of the usb cables and charging heads on the market all meet the standard of general charging, after all, they are basically public models.


    What’s quick charger?

    QC fast charge is a set of charging standards independently developed by Qualcomm, and its full name is quick charge. As long as your mobile phone is a Qualcomm chip, it generally supports QC fast charging. At present, Qualcomm’s fast charging solution has been developed to QC4.0+. From the initial QC 1.0 only supports up to 5V/2A charging power, to QC 2.0 is compatible with 5V/9V/12V/20V four-speed charging voltage, while Quick Charge 3.0 It supports dynamic adjustment of operating voltage from 3.6V to 20V, and Quick Charge 4.0 provides a maximum charging power of 28W.


    What’s super charger?

    SuperCharge fast charging is a fast charging solution independently developed by Huawei. Huawei SuperCharge dynamic charging voltage super fast charging technology, the charging voltage can be dynamically adjusted between 3.5-5V, and the output current can reach up to 5A. And Huawei mobile phone has a built-in IC chip dedicated to power management, which can intelligently identify different chargers and usb cable to match the best fast charging solution. The smart IC of Huawei Quick Charge will monitor the current battery level of the mobile phone in real time and dynamically adjust the input current to ensure that the charging process does not generate heat at low temperatures and conforms to the safe charging curve. After the battery is quickly charged to 60%, the IC chip will also intelligently control the charger to reduce the input Electric current plays a role in maintaining the battery.

    Super Charger

    What’s PD charger?

    PD fast charging is one of the mainstream fast charging solutions. The full name of PD should be called USB Power Delivery Specification, a fast charging solution developed by the USB-IF organization. It can increase the power transmission in the cable and the charging head, so that the power supply capacity is improved, thereby increasing the voltage and current, and can support up to 100W.

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    What’s GaN charger?

    Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a material that is a new type of semiconductor material for the development of microelectronic devices and optoelectronic devices. It is often used in high-power and high-speed optoelectronic components. It is widely used in high-tech fields such as aviation and has a large band gap. High thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, and many other advantages, it is known as the third-generation semiconductor material. Chargers using gallium nitride components have the advantages of smaller size, lighter weight, higher efficiency, better heat control, etc., but the disadvantages are high research and development costs, so the price is more expensive than ordinary chargers.

    Gan Charger


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