Phone Electronics Packaging Design Guide: All You Need To Know

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    With the upgrading of electronic products, electronic accessories are also best-sellers in the market, and the competition is also fierce. If you want to increase sales, you must also work hard on the design of the packaging boxes of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories.

    Most electronic products are made of sophisticated electronic devices. Composition, they cannot be dropped or bumped. Moisture, static electricity, and extrusion may cause damage to the product during transportation. Therefore, in addition to the exquisite design of electronic product packaging design, it is also necessary to ensure that the product will not be affected by external factors. So, what must be paid attention to in electronic product packaging design? The following points are for your reference.


    Impress consumers

    When customers buy mobile phone electronic accessories, the first thing they see is the packaging box. The design should guide the consumer group to understand the concept and mentality of mobile power packaging products, and impress the consumer’s consumption concept from the most basic packaging design, which requires design Before designing, the teacher must first investigate the market and conduct a thorough research on the consumers in order to grasp the customer’s buying psychology.

    Designers should also pay full attention to the image design of product packaging, through comprehensive consideration and innovation in terms of shape, color, pattern, material, craftsmanship, etc., combined with the industry attributes of the product, and incorporate creativity into the design, so that people can be intuitive and simple through the outer packaging. To understand the product and promote the promotion and sales of the product.


    Anti-drop, Anti-extrusion, Moisture-proof and Dust-proof

    The design of mobile phone and mobile phone accessories packaging boxes should be drop-proof, anti-extrusion, moisture-proof and dust-proof, so as to extend the service life, because the harsh environment such as humidity will also cause serious damage to the mobile phone accessories.  


    Pursue originality

    Electronic products are updated very quickly. The packaging box design of mobile phone accessories must be original design, which is not similar to other products in the market, and has its own unique competitive advantage, so as to increase customer satisfaction


    Adopt multi-angle shape display

    The packaging boxes of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories can be displayed in a multi-angle shape, not limited to one form, and diversified in styles. The more customer groups it attracts, the more groups that can meet different consumption concepts and consumption capabilities, different groups, and set styles.

    Introduce clearly the performance of the product

    When customers purchase mobile phone accessories, they will check the product’s performance through the packaging box, including the product’s physical state, shape, strength, weight, structure, value, and hazard. These issues must be considered clearly when designing the packaging box.

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    Carefully selected packaging materials

    The mobile power packaging box should choose suitable packaging materials according to the product performance, and it must be able to protect it, be environmentally friendly and beautiful, economical but not cheap.

    ① Choose packaging materials. Choose suitable packaging materials to make packaging containers according to product performance, and choose appropriate accessory packaging materials to package products.
    ② Choose the packaging method. According to the requirements of product protection strength, easy to use, convenient for mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, choose the appropriate packaging technology and packaging method.


    Consider the impact of the environment on the packaging box

    The packaging boxes of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories will encounter different environments during the circulation process, and different measures must be taken according to different environments, such as weather conditions, loading and unloading conditions, transportation conditions, storage conditions, and so on.

    ① Meteorological conditions. Mainly include sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain, snow, and air. They have different effects on different products, which need to be considered separately for different meteorological conditions.
    ② Loading and unloading conditions. Should consider whether it is manual or mechanical loading and unloading, as well as conditions such as the number of loading and unloading.
    ③ Transportation conditions. During transportation, products are subject to impacts, vibrations, etc., and different transportation vehicles have different effects on packaging. Mainly should consider product fixation and cushioning.
    ④ Storage conditions. Stacking is used for storage, and its compressive strength should be examined for packaging. In addition, storage is divided into indoor storage and outdoor storage. The former should be protected from moisture, mildew, and water; the latter should be protected from rain, snow, sunlight, and wind.

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    The structural stability of the internal space of the package

    How to place the product and how to design the inner support are issues that need to be emphatically considered in the product packaging design. For electronic products, the stability of the packaging space structure is very important, and it is directly related to the safety of the product in the process of mobile transportation. This involves the cushioning design of the packaging, which is a very important issue in the packaging design of electronic products. Cushioning design is the first choice of cushioning material. The choice of cushioning material (pad material) should be based on the principle of being the most economical and providing minimum protection for electronic products.

    Commonly used cushioning materials include foamed plastic, bubble film and packaging paper. Boxes and so on. The designer should determine the size of the overall package according to the product’s shape and size, rationally design the internal space of the package, and select appropriate inner packaging materials to ensure the stability of the product placement, and avoid external impacts and bumps that may occur during mobile transportation. And other security issues.


    In short, packaging is an indispensable process for electronic products to enter the field of circulation, and an important part of the product production process. Proper packaging is to ensure that the product avoids mechanical and physical damage during the circulation process such as transportation, storage, loading and unloading, and to ensure its Necessary measures for quality. In the design of electronic product packaging, designers need to comprehensively consider various issues such as shape, structure, material, and craftsmanship to ensure the safety of internal electronic products.


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