Why is the Tiktok app so popular in the China?

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    Nowadays, watching Tiktok live broadcast has become a way of life for people. Tiktok, as the last gold mine still growing on the mobile Internet, the rise of short videos has also allowed capitalists and entrepreneurs to come to dig for gold. The commercialization of Tiktok is accelerating, and businesses such as advertising, e-commerce, live broadcasting, and MCN are also developing rapidly. Why is Tiktok live streaming becoming more and more popular?


    Young people will be the main consumer in the future, and future opportunities will be broadcast live on Tiktok. According to the latest report, young people aged 24 and over to under 30 account for more than 50% of live broadcast users. In addition, more and more young people choose anchors as their career. The report shows that the people engaged in the anchor profession are very young. Post-90s anchors accounted for 68.4%, and post-95 anchors accounted for 15.7%. Now live broadcasts are clearly accepted by young people. This also means that there are a large number of potential users who watch the live broadcast in Tiktok.

    Why is Tiktok live streaming so popular?

    1. During the epidemic, offline businesses were shut down and businesses and brands switched to online live broadcasts. Consumers who are unable to go out also have time to try the new thing of live streaming. The already hot live broadcast was boosted by the catalyst of the epidemic.

    2. People’s strong demand for live video
    Do you like to see pictures, text, or video?
    The earliest form of content dissemination is text. Although this form has lasted for many years, looking at the full screen of text makes your eyes tired, and you don’t have any thoughts to read it. Do you feel that way? Later, pictures slowly appeared. At this time, the combination of pictures and texts became the mainstream, giving people a better visual experience. Later, the video came out, but the video platform did not become popular when it first came out, because the internet speed at the time was not good, and the traffic was very expensive! But nowadays, the traffic is unlimited, and WIFI is so popular. Video players, live broadcasts, and small videos are all on fire. User demand for video is also explosive growth, and live broadcast is an effective form of providing video content.

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    3. Live broadcast is a three-dimensional form of media.

    When it links consumers, it is interactive, emotional, and warm. It is close to the offline real-world interaction, but at the same time it can superimpose new online gameplay to enrich the experience. Many people regard live delivery of goods as a replica of “TV shopping”. The anchor introduces the products, and consumers compete to buy them at preferential prices, but the user experience in the web live broadcast will be richer and diversified than the TV media. We can already see that the live broadcast is trying to combine different experiences and content, and a carnival with goods. , In the event, bringing goods can be integrated, it depends on what kind of imagination you use to plan.

    4. The live broadcast content is upgraded to cater to more young people.

    The current post-90s and post-95s are actually two generations of people who have grown up with the pan-entertainment wave. The demand for live broadcast of these young users is also growing.
    With the exploration of live broadcast content, its boundaries are constantly expanding. If you don’t pay attention to content creation and upgrading, you will miss the favor of these young users and will soon be eliminated.
    Nowadays, live broadcast is facing the trend of eliminating the need for high-quality content and inferior content. How to upgrade the live content has become the key. According to the person in charge of the live broadcast on Douyin, the live content on the live broadcast on Douyin is very rich. It is no longer a simple game, dance and other tags. Instead, it is replaced by diversified tags such as culture and education, beauty, two-dimensional fashion, and cute pets. These live tags will also resonate with users.


    5. Paying attention to the upgrade of live content and enriching live content has also become a powerful weapon for Tiktok live broadcast.
    The live broadcast hardware is mature. 4G and mobile Internet make live broadcasts possible. With the decline in traffic tariffs, users only need a mobile phone to watch live broadcasts on mainstream platforms, and technical and infrastructure issues are gradually no longer a restriction on watching live broadcasts. As long as there is a mobile phone, the rhythm of live broadcast anytime, anywhere! Therefore, the maturity of the hardware has laid the foundation for Tiktok live broadcast.



    Live broadcast is not a momentary enthusiasm, but a trending change. As business changes with the Internet and mobile Internet, it will also change with live broadcasts. Forward-looking companies will not ignore the new species of live streaming. The combination of celebrity anchors, daily necessities, and low-cost concessions will also become the daily and standard features of business. What companies need to research and explore is to integrate live broadcast, an efficiency tool and marketing method, into their business innovatively. Some friends who make mobile phone accessories can try to sell goods live on Tiktok. During the epidemic, retail business will be greatly affected. It is time to start thinking about changing their sales methods and developing their own business in many ways.


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