Why does the charger with same function but there big difference at price?

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    “Why is the same product for 20W fast charger, someone sell in $19! you sell only $2.9?”

    I believe that many guys who have bought charger for mobile phones and laptop with such doubts. The chargers seem to have the same function but often very big different at price. So why does this happen? Where is the different? What should we pay attention to when purchasing a charger? Today ietcharger will solve this mystery for everyone.

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    Brand premium

    There can be classified into three categories of charger on the market, for original charger, third-party brands charger, and Non-branded charger. Generally speaking, according to the price, original> third-party brand > Non-branded.

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    The original charger is usually included when you buy a mobile phone, but some brands are not included charger like as Apple, and due to the brand premium, the price is usually higher if you buy it by yourself.

    Third-party brands charger refer to products produced by professional digital brand manufacturers, with more styles and cheaper prices than original, and have become the choice of many consumers. However, the quality also be divided into high and low level of third-party brands. Products produced by major manufacturers and certified by authoritative certification are more secure in terms of safety.

    Non-branded charger that can be found everywhere on roadside stalls. You basically don’t know which manufacturer it is produced. Such charger often have safety hazards due to the use of materials or rough workmanship. It is not recommended for everyone.

    Different materials and workmanship

    Don’t look at the small charger, its internal circuit design, materials and workmanship design are all very sophisticated. High-quality chargers have a complete internal structure and excellent materials, so the cost is naturally higher. In order to reduce costs, low-quality chargers often use inferior materials in transformers, wires, capacitors and inductors.

    For example, internal transformers, standard chargers will basically use pure copper material with good conductivity, large current carrying capacity, and strong thermal stability. The chargers that do not meet the standard are often made of copper-clad aluminum, with low conductivity and thermal stability.

    Example for printed boards, standard chargers will use high-temperature, flame-retardant, and shock-resistant PCB printed circuit boards, while non-compliant chargers often use glass fiber PCBs with substandard thickness, flammable and easily broken, and high circuit loss. Long-term use can easily damage the battery of the phone, and even lead to safety accidents such as spontaneous combustion and leakage.

    In addition to the basic indicators that meet quality standards, many chargers have also incorporated new GaN gallium nitride materials in the past two years. GaN has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high thermal conductivity, which can improve power conversion efficiency. Of course, due to the high cost of GaN raw materials, the price of GaN charger is usually a little higher than that of common chargers.

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    Multiple interfaces are different

    In addition to our commonly used single-port chargers, many people also use multi-port chargers now.

    The advantage of multi-port charger is that when you need to charge multiple devices at the same time, but only one charger socket can not accommodate multiple chargers, you can just use one.

    Of course, if increase interface of the charger means an production costs will increase. Generally speaking, The charger with more interfaces and same specification from same brand, it’s stronger the practicality and higher price. For example, the Ugreen100W GaN charger can charge two devices at the same time with the dual C-port model, while the 3C1A four-port model can charge two computers and two mobile phones at the same time, with more powerful performance.

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    Compatibility is different

    Nowadays, many mobile phone manufacturers have their own fast charging protocols. Whether they are compatible with specific fast charging protocols is a key factor in determining whether the charger can charge the phone normally.

    If the charger supports more fast charging protocols, it will be compatible more devices. Of course, this requires higher technology and cost.

    For example, the same product is 100W fast charger. Some brand chargers support PD 3.0/2.0, but do not support Huawei SCP. Apple MacBook charging can achieve the same charging efficiency as the official standard, but Huawei mobile phone can be charged even if it can be charged, but the fast charge mode cannot be activated.

    And some chargers that are fully compatible with multiple fast charging protocols such as PD, QC, SCP, FCP. For example, the more popular Ugreen 100W GaN charger, are compatible with various models of different brands, and are backward compatible with SCP 22.5W. They are MacBooks. 13 Charging, it can be fully charged in one and a half hours, and charging the Huawei Mate 40 Pro can be fully charged in just one hour.

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    Exterior design

    In this era of “look at the face”, appearance design has increasingly become a factor affecting product pricing, and chargers are no exception.

    On the one hand, some chargers using GaN high-tech can compress the volume to be more compact while maintaining the same power, and some also use a folding pin design, which has certain advantages in portability.

    On the other hand, some charger shells are designed with a high-gloss surface, which improves the overall texture and feel, and some have also launched a unique design with a joint animation IP image, which brings a pleasing visual experience, and users are naturally willing to pay for extra premium.


    The above for all knowledge of charger today. Finally, I would like to ask everyone, what do you consider when buying a charger? Welcome to the comment area to communicate with us.


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