What does OEM and ODM mean? and what is the difference?

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    I don’t know if you have encountered such a situation: when you ready to buy charger from China supplier, you will encounter the problem of OEM or ODM. So what does the mean? Let’s introduce the difference between OEM and ODM. Next time the seller talk about the OEM and ODM issues again, you will not be ignorant.

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    OEM & ODM

    OEM is also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as OEM production. The basic meaning is that brand producers do not directly produce chargers, but use their own key core technologies to design and develop new products, control sales channels, and entrust other manufacturers of similar products to produce specific processing tasks through contract ordering. After that, the ordered products are bought out at a low price and directly affixed with their own brand trademarks. This kind of cooperation method of entrusting others to produce is referred to as OEM. The manufacturer who undertakes the processing task is called OEM manufacturer, and the products it produces are called OEM charger. It can be seen that fixed-point production belongs to the “OEM” method in processing trade, and in international trade, it is the export of labor services based on commodities.

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    ODM is the abbreviation of Original Design Manufacturer, the literal translation is “original design manufacturer”. ODM means that after a manufacturer designs a charger, it may be favored by other companies in some cases, and requiring the print their brand name for production, or a slight modification of the design for production. That will reduce their own development time. Manufacturers who undertake design and manufacturing business are called ODM manufacturers, and the products are ODM chargers.

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    Difference between OEM and ODM?

    The biggest difference between OEM and ODM is not just the name. OEM products are tailor-made for brand manufacturers, only use brand name for production, and the manufacturer’s name must not be used for production. The ODM depends on whether the brand company has bought out the copyright of the product. If not, the manufacturer has the right to organize production by himself, as long as there is no design identification of the enterprise company.

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    For the consideration of manufacturing cost, transportation convenience and saving development time, well-known brands are generally willing to find other china manufacturers for OEM or ODM services. When looking for other manufacturers, brand owners also bear a lot of responsibilities. After all, the charger uses its own trademark. If the quality of the product is not good, there will be many customer getting complaints, and it may be taken to court. Therefore, brand owners will definitely carry out strict quality control during the commissioned processing. But after the OEM is over, the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when some suppliers tell you that the manufacturer of a charger is an OEM or ODM product of a certain brand, never believe that its quality is equivalent to that brand. The only thing you can trust is that this manufacturer has a certain production capacity.

    The introduction about OEM and ODM is here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!


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