Top 10 famous consumer electronics exhibitions in the world

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    Every year, the global electronics exhibition always attracts the attention of various industries, because many big brand technology companies choose to release and promote their new products at the exhibition (of course, super-brands like Apple hold their conferences). For exhibitors and buyers in the electronics industry, the exhibition is a good place to get to know their competitors, learn about industry trends, the latest technology, and make purchases. Ietgz has summarized the world’s major electronic exhibitions for you. You can mark it well and plan to find some new business opportunities!

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    1. Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
    2. Hanover Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication Expo (CeBIT)
    3. China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE)
    4. Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair (CSF)
    5. China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
    6. China Electronics Fair (CEF)
    7. Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA)
    8. Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex)
    9. Brazil International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition (Eletrolar Show)
    10. Italy Modena International Consumer Electronics Show (EXPO ELETTRONICA)

    If you want to know more about the consumer electronics exhibition, you can continue to read,

    Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

    Established time: 1967
    Exhibition time: January
    Exhibition location: North America-United States-Las Vegas Sands Expo & Convention Center
    Focus area: Consumer Electronics
    Exhibition Introduction: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA was founded in 1967 and has now developed into the world’s largest, highest level, and most influential consumer electronics exhibition. Today, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA is still a weather vane leading the development trend of consumer electronics technology and products in the world, and an “overpass” for international electronics trade. The last CES exhibition in Las Vegas, USA has a total exhibition area of 179,600 square meters. 3886 exhibiting companies are from China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Dubai, India, Russia, Australia, Spain, Brazil, etc., and the number of exhibitors reached 184,000 people. At the exhibition site, 3,250 companies released new products, and the number of releases reached 20,000. Regardless of the display area, the number of exhibitors or the number of visitors, CES in the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in the United States has set a record high for the CES exhibition, which also shows the confidence of enterprises from various countries in the gradual recovery of the world economic situation.


    Hanover Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication Expo (CeBIT)

    Established time: 1986
    Exhibition time: March
    Exhibition location: Hanover, Germany
    Focus area: Information and communication technology expo, digital IT, home and office communication solutions
    Exhibition Introduction: Germany Hannover Communication Exhibition is the world’s large-scale and influential high-tech brand exhibition in the international IT field, sponsored by the German Hannover Exhibition Company. CeBIT originated from the Hannover Fair (HANNOVER FAIR) founded in 1947 in Hannover, Germany, which aims to showcase and export German products to the international market. In 1986, CeBIT was separated from the Hannover Industry Fair and became an exhibition. In that year, it attracted 2,142 exhibitors and achieved very successful results. After more than 20 years, the CeBIT exhibition has always maintained a trend of continuous growth and an excellent position in the industry exhibition. The 2017 CeBIT exhibition lasted for 5 days and attracted more than 4,500 companies from more than 78 countries and regions to showcase innovative information and communication technologies, products, and solutions. The 2012 CeBIT exhibition continued to display in the four major sections of CeBIT 2011, namely digital business (CeBIT pro), digital government (CeBIT gov), digital laboratory (CeBIT lab), and digital life (CeBIT life). CeBIT 2013 set the theme as “Managing Trust” (trust management), emphasizing the importance of ensuring trust and security in the digital age. This is an addition to the 2011 exhibition theme “Cloud Work and Life” and current trust issues in society. Extension. At CeBIT 2012, 515 exhibitors from China participated, and the number of exhibitors hit a record high.

    China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE)

    Established time: 1992
    Exhibition time: March
    Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
    Focus area: Consumer electronics, home appliances
    Exhibition Introduction: AWE was initially held in Beijing, once every two years, and moved to Shanghai in 2008. It has always been a comprehensive exhibition of large household appliances with the highest specifications in China. Since 2011, AWE has been changed to once a year. Since then, AWE has entered a fast-track period of accelerated development, and its scale has increased year by year. With the leap in reputation, attention, and influence, AWE has become the largest, most appealing, and most influential comprehensive home appliance exhibition in China, and its reputation has spread throughout the Asia-Pacific region and is known as the development of the home appliance industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The “weather vane”. Relying on the global attention of China’s home appliance manufacturing industry and the stable development of the home appliance consumer market, AWE has been recognized and supported by more and more home appliance companies at home and abroad, and its international influence has been increasing year by year. Since 2015, the exhibition scale has exceeded 70,000 square meters. , The influence is well-known around the world, and it has entered the ranks of the world’s three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions. When the exhibition was launched in 2016, the Chinese name of AWE was officially renamed from “China Home Appliances Expo” to “China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo”, exhibiting home appliances and consumer electronics including traditional home appliances, consumer electronics, digital, communications, smart homes, commercial appliances, etc. Products of the whole industry chain. AWE has become a platform for the comprehensive display of corporate strength. Through AWE, exhibitors will comprehensively present their brand image, product clusters, corporate culture, core technology, development vision, and other software and hardware strengths. As of 2015, AWE exhibited more than 550 companies, including Haier, Midea, Samsung, LG, Siemens, Bosch, Sharp, Panasonic, AO Smith, Whirlpool, Hitachi, JD, 360, TCL, Skyworth, LeTV, Boss, Fangtai, Karcher, iRobot, 3M, Yikou, PENTAIR, AIGLE, Daewoo, Sanyo, Dido, Royalstar, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hisense, Gree, Galanz, Wanhe, Macro, German-Italian, Joyoung, Supor, Nishida, Kuchen, Flying Branch, Xinke, Xinfei, Meiling, Aucma, Oaks, Jinsong, etc.

    Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair (CSF)

    Established time: 2003
    Exhibition time: April and October
    Exhibition location: Hong Kong Asia World Expo
    Focus area: Consumer electronics, home appliances
    Exhibition Introduction: The world‘s largest electronics sourcing show, explore a wide and diverse range of compelling and cutting-edge products that meet the demands of today’s consumer electronics market. The world’s only mobile electronics sourcing show, drive your business forward by sourcing devices, AR/VR, wearables, mobile accessories and portable audio from 100% verified suppliers. Concurrently with Smart Home & Appliances, Home & Kitchen and Tech Gifts. The world’s only smart home & appliances sourcing show. Your all-in-one sourcing platform for trendsetting and high-performance smart home products and appliance solutions. An all-new sourcing show in Hong Kong that offers buyers comprehensive home and kitchen solutions from verified suppliers.


    China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

    Established time: 1957
    Exhibition time: April and October
    Exhibition location: Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall
    Focus area: Comprehensive exhibition
    Exhibition Introduction: China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, was established in 1957. Co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre, it is held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and the greatest business turnover in China. Since its inception, Canton Fair has been adhering to reform and innovation. It has withstood various challenges and never been interrupted. Canton Fair enhances trade connection between China and the world, demonstrating China’s image and achievements of development. It is an outstanding platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the international market and an exemplary base to implement China’s strategies for foreign trade growth. Over years of development, Canton Fair now serves as the first and foremost platform to promote China’s foreign trade, and a barometer of the foreign trade sector. It is the window, epitome and symbol of China’s opening up. Up to the 126th session, the accumulated export volume has amounted to about USD 1.4126 trillion and the total number of overseas buyers has reached 8.99 million. The exhibition area of each session totals 1.185 million ㎡ and the number of exhibitors from home and abroad stands at nearly 26,000. In each session, about 200,000 buyers attend the Fair from more than 210 countries and regions all over the world. In 2020, against the raging global pandemic of coronavirus and severely battered global trade, the 127th and the 128th Canton Fair were held online. This is a significant decision made by the central government and the State Council to coordinate the pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development. At the 128th Canton Fair, 26,000 Chinese and international exhibitors displayed products in live marketing and conducted online negotiation via virtual Canton Fair. Buyers from 226 countries and regions registered and visited the Fair; buyer source country reached a record high. The success of virtual Canton Fair blazed a new path of international trade development, and laid a solid foundation for online offline integrated development. The Fair made great contributions to stabilizing the fundamentals of foreign trade and investment, with its role of an all-round platform of opening up given a better play. It showed the international community China’s resolution to expand opening up and safeguard the security of global supply and industrial chain. Going forward, Canton Fair will serve China’s new round of high-level opening up and the new development pattern. The specialization, digitalization, market orientation, and international development of the Canton Fair will be further improved. A Canton Fair that never ends will be built with online offline functions integrated, to make new contributions for Chinese and foreign companies to develop broader markets and for the development of an open world economy.


    China Electronics Fair (CEF)

    Established time: 1964
    Exhibition time: April, July and October
    Exhibition location: Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu in China
    Focus area: Consumer Electronics
    Exhibition Introduction: Shenzhen International Electronics Fair CEF is held several times a year, held in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. It is an authoritative professional electronics exhibition in China. The last Shenzhen Electronics Fair was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 105,000 square meters and 1,300 exhibitors. Many, 100,000 professional visitors. China Electronics Fair (CEF) started in 1964 and is the oldest and most authoritative electronic industry exhibition in China. China Electronics Show uses leading basic electronic technology to promote the independent innovation of China’s electronics industry and grow together with China’s electronics industry.

    Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA)

    Established time: 1924
    Exhibition time: September
    Exhibition location: Berlin Trade Fair Center
    Focus area: Electronics/Home Appliances
    Exhibition Introduction: IFA is jointly sponsored by the German Entertainment and Electronic Communication Industry Association and the Berlin International Exhibition Company. The exhibition is a place to display the latest products of various consumer home appliances, representing the latest trends in the development of the consumer electronics industry. It is one of the most important international exhibitions in the fields of consumer electronics, communications, and information electronic technology products in Europe and the world. IFA is currently the world’s largest and most influential international audio-visual and consumer electronics exhibition. It is the main venue for consumer electronics manufacturers and traders from all over the world to gather and display new products and new technologies. It is also the most important venue for European consumer electronics. Buyers, wholesalers, and retailers of electronic products understand and purchase important markets in this field. IFA combines consumer electronics with household appliances to provide distributors and visitors to the exhibition with an unprecedented variety of products.


    Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex)

    Established time: 1980
    Exhibition time: October
    Exhibition location: Dubai World Trade Center
    Focus area: Computer/Communication
    Exhibition Introduction: GITEXTECHNOLOGY WEEK is one of the three major IT exhibitions in the world and the largest and most successful computer, communications, and consumer electronics exhibition in the Middle East. GITEXTECHNOLOGY WEEK, the Middle East Dubai International Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (GITEXTECHNOLOGY WEEK) gathers the world’s leading brands in the IT industry, leading the trend of the industry. It has become the most important exhibition for professional manufacturers to explore the Middle East market, master professional information, understand current global market trends, master the latest technology and sign order contracts. Participating in the GITEXTECHNOLOGYWEEK in the Middle East Dubai International Communication and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (GITEXTECHNOLOGYWEEK) can more directly understand the development of Dubai and the world’s products and the specific needs of the market, which is conducive to improving the technical content of products, adjusting and improving the structure of products, to produce high-quality products Laying a foundation also guides the direction for perfecting exports and ensuring that exports proceed normally. GITEXTECHNOLOGY WEEK, the Middle East Dubai International Communication and Consumer Electronics Show (GITEXTECHNOLOGY WEEK)), a high degree of internationality and diversification of supply has built a communication platform between exhibitors and visitors so that participants have business opportunities for continuous business expansion, which is well-deserved One of the three largest and most widely radiated professional trade fairs in the industry.

    Brazil International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition (Eletrolar Show)

    Exhibition time: Once a year
    Exhibition location: Transamérica Expo Center
    Focus area: Consumer Electronics/Home Appliances
    Exhibition Introduction: The Eletrolar Show is hosted by Azul Play in Brazil-Consumer Electronics Show for home appliances, consumer electronics, mobile phones, and IT products held once a year in São Paulo. Through innovation, the Brazil Consumer Electronics Show brings together industries and retails and brands of all sizes, which is conducive to reaching cooperative relations, improving and eliminating trade barriers, and promoting good business transactions. At the 2014 Brazil Consumer Electronics Show, 178 companies from home and abroad participated in this professional exhibition. 1,000 brands and more than 10,000 products were distributed in the 36,000 square meters exhibition center, attracting 28,000 professional visitors (audience analysis: chain stores and retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers, distributors, department stores, home furnishing centers, importers, exporters, and electronic components industry).

    Italy Modena International Consumer Electronics Show (EXPO ELETTRONICA)

    Exhibition time: Once a year
    Exhibition location: Italy-Modena-Modena Fiere
    Focus area: Consumer Electronics
    Exhibition Introduction: EXPO ELETTRONICA, a consumer electronics exhibition in Modena, Italy, is an international electronics special exhibition organized by Bologna fiere, a well-known Italian exhibition company. The exhibition is held once a year.

    What are the consumer electronics exhibitions? Ietgz comprehensively considers their influence, significance, public popularity, word-of-mouth, network attention index, etc., and combines them with Internet-related rankings/lists. The rankings are in no particular order. The list is only For your reference


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