IPhone 13 battery capacity will skyrocketed! The charger need a big upgraded?

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    How big is the iPhone battery to be satisfied for you?
    Let me start by saying that if the iPhone have 4500 mAh of battery like the current Android phones, it can basically meet my needs. After all, I use the phone for 10 hours a day on average.

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    Although the iPhone look like always had grudges with big battery, but someone broke the news that the iPhone 13 series battery will soar to nearly 4500mAh recently. It seems pretty credible, everyone is discussing it. Let’s talk about this topic today.

    The battery capacity of Apple’s iPhone 13 has skyrocketed. According to the latest news, it is suspected that the iPhone 13 series battery has entered the network:
    A2653 rated capacity 4352mAh
    A2656 rated capacity 3095mAh
    A2660 rated capacity 2406mAh

    According to industry news, iPhone proofing work is divided into four parts: design module, correction, finalization, and mass production. The entire process takes 9 months.

    The iPhone series conference is usually in September, and in theory the iPhone 13 series has been finalized.


    So being able to come up with real materials, combined with the product model, manufacturer, and IETCHARGER’s usual success rate of breaking the news, all these make the iPhone 13 series battery capacity soaring become credible.

    Battery Mah

    According to specific analysis, the battery capacity of the three models for iPhone 13 series are listed as 2406mAh, 3095mAh and 4352mAh. Compare it with the 2227mAh, 2815mAh and 3687mAh of the iPhone 12 series, there are increase 8%, 10%, and 17.3% respectively. If the news is true, it can be seen that the iPhone 13 has made the most progress, with a battery increase of nearly one-fifth, which is not easy! The data above can be used as reference.

    The reason behind

    Apple is a collection of contradictions, their research and development are very bold, and the products are fairly balanced. Especially on the iPhone, whether it is for promotion or actual use, the user experience is actually “plain as water”, not bad in all aspects, some aspects are quite good, and Apple’s ecology will be blessed, so so many Apple fans can’t do without the iPhone.

    Apple is very good at making trade-offs in balance, and often discards some itchy things, such as the 3.5mm headphone jack, such as the high refresh rate that has been popularized in high-end Android.

    Many people also argued for Apple: The iPhone 12 is not high-speed because it is worried that the battery life will not be able to bear it. The technical aspect is not a problem at all. It will definitely be on the iPhone 13, let’s wait and see!

    Iphone 13

    The high refresh rate does consume power, so IETCHARGER believes that one of the reasons for the increase in the battery of the iPhone 13 is to offset the “extra power consumption” caused by the high refresh rate.


    Another reason for large batteries is 5G. As we all know, the battery life of the 5G iPhone has dropped significantly. The iPhone’s 5G came later than other brands, probably because of the impact on battery life.

    Image 34

    Apple also almost made it clear on the product page: When 5G speed is not needed, such as updating in the background, it will automatically switch to the LTE network to save power. In other words, 5G is not so “power saving”.

    30W PD charger is imperative!

    High brush + 5G is really a big test for battery life, so Apple will give the iPhone 13 series a larger battery. But it seems that it is not enough. In order to achieve the effect of Apple’s demand, faster charger is also imperative!

    Image 35

    According to statistics, there are already several 30W GaN fast charging models on the market in mass production. At the same time, there are more than 20 models of 30W GaN fast charging are being launched, and will be released one after another. In terms of price, the 30W GaN fast charge is expected to be the same as or even lower than the traditional 30W fast charge, which has a great market advantage.

    These brands have their own sources of information and are more sensitive to the general trend of the industry. Now they are all rushing towards 30W charger. Naturally, they believe that the iPhone 13 series of fast charging will be upgraded.

    In the Android mobile phone market, the largest shipment volume of mobile phones is Samsung in the world. It has also adopted the strategy of canceling standard chargers. Its power supply accessories market has huge potential, and the demand for 30W PPS fast charging accessories is also very strong.

    In terms of 30W GaN fast charging power devices, InnoSec, Nanomicro, PI and other manufacturers have launched mature mass-produced products; in terms of GaN controllers, Mao Ruixin, Nanxin, and Jie Huat , Dongke, Biyiwei, and Yacheng Micro have supporting solutions, and the localization trend is obvious.

    Nowadays, the threshold and BOM cost of developing GaN fast charging chargers have been greatly reduced. Gallium nitride has also begun to enter the low-power fast charging market from the original high-power fast charging market, especially as the market potential of 30W PD fast charging is explored. The application of gallium nitride technology has become extremely active.

    Q Xmb Ktzvw14qn T62

    In fact, the iPhone fast charge has basically not changed from the iPhone 8/X generation in 2017. It is 18W for three years and 20W for one year. The slogan has always been charging full 50% in half an hour.
    Compared with the rapid advancement of Android phones, iPhone’s fast charging may have an advantage in compatibility. After all, major third-party accessory manufacturers and even Xiaomi and Nubia have launched a variety of 20W PD fast charging. But the iPhone is 20W after all, and it will be 2022 soon. Apple has to work harder to squeeze toothpaste, at least it will look like 30W.

    Fast charge must match the battery capacity

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed that when manufacturers compare fast charging speeds between Android phones and iPhones, they will emphasize the wattage. After all, the digital contrast is the strongest. Of course, manufacturers will also mention the charging time, such as 15 minutes full of 50%, but everyone rarely mentions that the large battery of Android phones makes fast charging not so fast in a sense.
    I will not cite an example of a specific model here. The logic is very simple: Apple’s battery is small, even if it is 20W, it can achieve the effect of 30W and 40W in the general sense of Android manufacturers (this is only an example, no rigorous comparison and reference) .


    Apple pursues the “balance” of its products. After the god of supply chain Cook became CEO, his pursuit of profit made Wall Street and global investors very satisfied. However, some “selling points” post-posts have made consumers quite criticized, such as late large screens, late fast charging, late 5G…

    Apple is already a profit harvester in the smartphone industry. You say that is squeezing toothpaste. Their solid technical accumulation can indeed play some new tricks every year; you say that there is no toothpaste squeezing. Some things are optional, but there is no , Consumers still buy it. So the expression of high EQ is: Apple has prepared a larger battery for iPhone 13 and faster charging speed. It was not because it did not match the charging speed of 50% in half an hour; what is the use of charging so fast? Everyone will only get more and more impetuous. You should put down your mobile phones and see the better world.

    Speculation about iPhone fast charging

    Whether it’s the iPhone 13 battery capacity skyrocketing or the fast charging upgrade, these are all speculations or revelations. Let’s also look at other speculations.

    Charge pump

    The power of the 20W charger is only increased by 2W, and the voltage coverage is the same as that of 18W. According to the division of Apple chargers for many years, it is impossible to launch new models simply to increase the power a little, so it is very likely that the 20W charger will support revolutionary charging technology – Charge pump charging.


    The 20W charger that broke out at the time was indeed our guess, but the charge pump was still gone.

    This thing is really not a cutting-edge technology. Simply put, a charge pump is a non-inductance DC-DC converter that uses a capacitor as an energy storage element to convert voltage and current. The half-voltage charge pump (2:1 charge pump) can halve the output voltage and double the output current, and the conversion efficiency can reach more than 97%, which is much higher than that of ordinary charging chips. Such an efficient conversion solves the problem of heating of the charging chip during high-voltage fast charging. At the same time, it also reduces the cost of the charger and the charging cable compared to the low-voltage direct charge technology, so the charge pump is widely used in the field of mobile phones.

    Among Chinese mobile phone brands, manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and Meizu have already applied charge pump technology to their mobile phones, and their solutions are also very mature. Even Honor has launched a 22.5W charge pump fast charge charger, decentralizing charge pump technology to entry-level products. Looking at Apple again, the current iPhone fast charging is still a “high voltage and low current” charging method. The charger outputs a 9V high voltage into the phone, and then converts it to the 4.4V required by the battery. The voltage difference is large and the efficiency is low. The technical principle is similar for many years. QC2.0 before.
    Until now, Qualcomm QC5 has been released, no matter how Apple squeezes toothpaste, does it have some hard power?

    GaN Gallium Nitride?


    Apple also wants to do gallium nitride GaN chargers?

    GaN chips are easy to drive, with reduced losses, and can increase the switching frequency of the adapter to increase the power density of the adapter. At the same time, low conductance can improve the conversion efficiency of the adapter and produce a compact adapter. The current development of the gallium nitride fast charging market has entered the fast lane. Both mainstream mobile phone brands and established notebook manufacturers have carried out corresponding product layouts in this field, and there are countless e-commerce brands.

    According NEWS from DigiTimes, a well-known semiconductor company in the industry will receive Apple’s fast charging order based on GaN technology this year, and TSMC will provide GaN chips for Nanomicro Semiconductors. This means that in a situation where many brands use GaN on their own adapters, Apple can’t sit still. IETCHARGER even feels that this is not in line with Apple’s style, after all, the current GaN chip cost is relatively high. But thinking that Apple will not provide a charger for mobile phones now, it will be fine, anyway, it is consumers who pay the bill.

    Regarding the new generation of iPhone, there are various revelations every year. In addition to those mentioned above, there are also 2K, new cameras… Due to space limitations, let’s talk about charging.


    The electronics market is huge, and the real world is even bigger. Apart from industry insiders, consumers are not particularly concerned about many functions, and Apple, which sells the most expensive products, naturally considers products for the largest consumer groups. In addition, Apple’s products are sold to globally, and there are big differences between regions, and it is normal to gradually become conservative. Therefore, regardless of whether the whistleblower has obtained some information in advance from the industry chain or other channels, it may not match the results when the final product is released.

    But there is one thing to say. It will be 2022 immediately after the release of the iPhone 13, and Apple’s fast charging should indeed be upgraded, and the high-brush should also be upgraded, so that the battery does need to be increased. As for what Apple thinks, let’s wait for the release in September or October with peace of mind!


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