How to find the manufacturer of the charger in China ?

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    A good supplier can give you all-round work support. This is the most critical point of all work. There are many ways to find suppliers for procurement. Here we share how to find a charger manufacturer in China.

    1. The most direct way is to introduce it through fellow friends.
      Many friends will provide some other network referrals in the process of communication. Taking advantage of these opportunities, you can find suitable partners. Of course, a certain foundation is needed.
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    Advantages: Manufacturers introduced by friends are relatively accurate and easy to make deals.
    Disadvantages: a certain amount of personal connections is required, maintenance costs are high, and the number is limited, and the opportunity cost is high.

    2. Exhibition

    Especially relatively large exhibitions are a very good way to find manufacturers. Many large manufacturers will participate in the exhibition. Manufacturers found at the exhibition are relatively reliable and highly trusted.


    Advantages: The efficiency of buyers shopping around at the exhibition is much higher than searching on the Internet. After all, the products and teams are right in front of them, and the advantages and disadvantages are all at a glance. You can find the quality of similar products by just looking at them. If the communication is smooth and the understanding is deep enough, there is a greater chance of signing an order at the moment. This saves the need for email communication, or telephone or network communication, and saves time and cost.

    Disadvantages: However, with the development of the times and the support of national policies, more and more companies are engaged in foreign trade, and there are often a large number of companies in the same industry in the same exhibition. Buyers need time and money to participate in the exhibition, and the investment time and economic costs are also a lot.

    3.Search through search engines, etc.

    For example, Google can find supplier websites and display pages with related products, from which you can find the supplier’s contact information, and find the supplier by communicating with it.

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    Advantages: The information on the manufacturer’s website or display page is generally more comprehensive, and you can understand the scale of the factory, the company’s development history, the product range and the catalog. Google promotion is more direct than Alibaba’s finding a needle in a haystack.
    Disadvantages: Not applicable to all industries. The customer repetition rate and inefficiency found in Google search are also very high.

    4. Find customers through the B2B platform


    Advantages: Under the background of this Internet era, online trading has become a mainstream trend. With the rise of b2b platforms such as Alibaba, international trade has become easier for small and medium-sized enterprises. Take Alibaba as an example. It has a high reputation. Whether it is a customer or a supplier, a foreign trade company or a foreign trade company, the first thing everyone thinks of is Alibaba. It has a low threshold and is relatively friendly to small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform is here, the resources are here, and the rest depends on what criteria you use to find partners.

    Disadvantages: All large and small companies are here. The more people come in, the greater the competition and the lower the threshold. In addition, most of Alibaba is small and medium-sized enterprises, and its efficiency is low.

    5. Find manufacturers offline also a common way.

    Shenzhen Huaqiangbei and Guangzhou Nanfang Building are the largest markets for mobile phone accessories in China. Most of the suppliers of mobile phone accessories can be found here.

    New Huaqiang North Road

    Go directly to the market to find suppliers, you can learn about the latest products and the most popular products on the market. Being able to see and understand products directly makes communication more intuitive, and face-to-face communication between people increases the sense of trust.
    Need to waste time and energy cost. And it is easy to be restricted by region and language.

    6. Self-built station

    If the buyer’s company has its own website and leaves its contact information, usually the foreign trade salesperson will take the initiative to find it.


    ①. It is not restricted by the rules of the platform, and is relatively flexible and free. However, the platform has many rules and many competitors.
    ② Self-built stations can be customized and developed according to their own needs, which can meet the long-term needs in the development of the enterprise, and continuously improve according to the development of the enterprise.
    ③. Self-built stations need professional personnel who understand optimization and promotion, as well as certain technical support. If self-built stations are optimized and promoted, the effect will be better than the platform. If the brand effect is made, it can even kill the platform in seconds.
    Self-built stations are often due to low investment, no professional and technical personnel to maintain, update, and optimize promotion, so they lag behind the platform in terms of ranking. The shortcomings of self-built sites are also reflected in the fact that it is passively waiting for suppliers to browse, and the opportunity cost is relatively high.

    7. SNS platform

    Such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

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    Advantages: The purchaser is also tending to be younger, and the application of social platforms is very extensive. Using social platforms to develop partners is a good way for SOHOs
    ①. The use of social platforms can eliminate geographical restrictions and promote multi-regional promotion
    ②. Social platforms have wide traffic and high exposure, which can improve personal or corporate branding
    ③. Stronger stickiness and interaction with partners
    Disadvantages: The content of things posted through SNS now is excessive, the repetition rate is high, the nature of the advertisement is strong, the false information is more, and the interaction is less.


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