5V 1A become history, how to choose a fast charger for iPhone 13?

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    iPhone 13 has been released. With the massive amount of information recently, many guys have done their homework on the iPhone 13 series, and have a more or less understanding of the hardware configuration and performance of the new iPhone. Some guys even have a wallet ready and plan to get a new phone as soon as the sale starts.

    But before you buy, you also need to make some preparations.

    iPhone 13 will continue the “environmental protection” policy since the iPhone 12, and will no longer come with a wall charger, only an original lightning to USB-C cable, so users who plan to purchase the new iPhone 13 series must prepare a charger.

    So how to choose the fast charger for iPhone 13? These points should be paid special attention to.

    Fast charging power

    There is no obvious difference in fast charging power between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. The maximum support for fast charging power is about 20W, so there is no need to configure extremely high power and expensive GaN fast charging like Android phones. Buy 20W Fast charging is a more reasonable choice.

    20w Charger


    The iPhone supports two charging protocols, one kind is the Apple charging protocol, which supports up to 12W fast charging power, another kind is the PD fast charging protocol. Different models support different maximum powers, the latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 all support 20W fast charging. Therefore, when purchasing third-party fast charger, it is recommended to choose PD protocol fast charging which can give full play to the fast charging performance.


    Take this mini 20W fast charging from IDEAL as an example. It has a real power of 20W. In the charging test of iPhone 12, it can be fully charged 60% in 30 minutes, which is faster; it adopts PD fast charging protocol, which can pass the 3000v high voltage test. At the same time, it is also equipped with a 1m lightning to USB-C cable that support fast charging. The product has excellent compatibility, avoiding the trouble of pop-up windows, and it will be more comfortable for daily use.


    Safety and Certificate

    Different design ideas will cause the heating of the charger to be different during use. Generally speaking, the scheme of collecting high-integration chips will have higher efficiency and less heat. If it is used for a long time, it will be safer and guaranteed.


    Ideal fast charge internal circuit board adopts three-dimensional stacking technology, which reduces the volume through three-dimensional arrangement and disperses heat. It can easily carry 20W power output and has intelligent temperature control technology to make heat dissipation faster and safer. In this regard there are certain advantages from Ideal.

    In addition, it also has 8 protection measures such as over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, and flame-retardant protection of the shell, so that the overall safety is more guaranteed.



    Finally, the portability of the product needs to be considered. After all, fast charging is also needed when traveling, and the bulky wall charger makes people have no desire to carry it. Ideal mini size is smaller than most 20W fast charger on the market, making it easy to store.


    Generally speaking, the wall charger of iPhone 13 can be purchased according to personal aesthetics and interests, but try to choose products with well-known digital brands. The certification is complete, the quality is guaranteed, and the experience will be a lot more comfortable.


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