Cancel the charger of the mobile phone? What opportunities does it bring to the accessory market?

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    At Apple’s iPhone 12 product launch event in 2020, Apple explained why it cancelled the accessory charger. 

    1.There are 2 billion Apple chargers in the world, so Apple believes that so many chargers can be reused. For environmental protection, it is not recommended to continue to include the charger in the standard configuration.

    2. Because Apple is an advocate of the global green economy, its goal is to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2025. Eliminating the charger can reduce the packaging, and the packaging of a single iPhone is much smaller. It also correspondingly reduces carbon emissions in transportation, storage and packaging, which is conducive to the realization of a zero-carbon society.


    As more and more mobile phone manufacturers cancel chargers, the fast-charging industry therefore ushered in rapid development. As far as Apple is concerned, the new 20W PD fast charge charger replaces the original 18W PD fast charge on the official website, which means that the 5W charger has officially withdrawn from the stage of history and Apple has entered the era of 20W PD fast charge.

    At the same time, judging from the sales data of smartphones for the whole year of 2020, iPhone shipments reached 206.1 million units. For users who have bought a new iPhone, they must use a charging head with USB-C interface to achieve fast charging, and the charging head needs to be purchased by themselves. This is also a new opportunity for people in the mobile phone accessories industry.


    The iPhone 12 series has set off a wave of machine replacement, which has led to the upgrading of charging accessories. Driven by the increasing demand, many mobile phone accessories manufacturers have updated their fast charging product lines. Third-party 20W PD fast charging products have emerged on the market, and their market popularity has far exceeded expectations.

    Previously, Jingdong United Charger Network released a sales ranking of 20W PD fast charging. Apple’s original 20W PD fast charging charger ranked first. The 20W PD chargers launched by well-known domestic digital manufacturers such as UGREEN, Anke, IDEAL, etc. followed by.


    At present, the power and form of PD chargers on the market are various, so how to choose?

    To buy a fast charging charger, you must first know the charging protocol and power supported by the phone.

    From iPhone6 series to iPhone7 series, it supports Apple 2.4A fast charge, the maximum power is 12W, and the speed can reach more than twice of the original 5W charger.  

    The iPhone 8/X series of Apple mobile phones since the beginning of the series all support the PD’s fast charging protocol. The advantages of the PD protocol are highly versatile. Some Type-C charging devices such as notebooks and Switch handhelds are all based on the PD protocol. The charger or power bank can be shared if the power is sufficient.

    The iPhone’s PD protocol has a theoretical maximum of 18W, but the actual charging power of each model is still quite different, as shown in the figure below:


    Because PD fast charging is not fully 100% compatible with all mobile phone interfaces, USB-A and Type-C interfaces should be selected when choosing. 

    In this way, the range of use will be wider, and two ports can be charged at the same time, which is relatively convenient. When choosing the power of the PD charger, it is recommended to start with 20W. Because most of the current mobile phones are 18W fast charging, some also have about 20W. Considering the loss during actual use, directly choose 20W+USB Port.


    In the process of rapid market growth, 20W PD fast charging products are developing towards diversification. Since the beginning of this year, the mini fast charge charger has become the first choice of most consumers due to its portability. In order to fully meet market demand, many manufacturers have launched mini 20W PD fast charging chargers.

    This charger is compatible with multiple fast charging protocols, covering PD3.0/2.0, QC4.0/4.0+, QC 3.0/2.0. It not only supports fast charging of the full range of iPhone 8-12, but also enables fast charging of Android phones such as Huawei and Xiaomi, as well as iPad and Switch. 


    Apple abandoned the standard charger and once again accelerated the popularization of PD fast charging technology. At the same time, everyone is vigorously pursuing PD chargers, and the prospect of PD fast charging industry is still very broad. IDEAL’s accessory manufacturers will usher in greater development opportunities. For consumers, they can also choose products that are more suitable for them according to their needs. 



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