A fact that 99% of people don’t know, “GaN technology is actually related to 5G”

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    The past 2020 was a year when 5G mobile phones exploded. 5G mobile phones undoubtedly bring you a faster Internet experience, faster download speeds, low latency, and a theoretical peak rate of up to 10Gps/s, which is more than 10 times faster than 4G mobile phone data transmission, and the latency is as low as 1ms. , Which is 10 times shorter than 4G mobile phones.

    Of course, 5G greatly improves the data transmission speed, and the stronger CPU processing performance also puts forward higher requirements on the battery life of the mobile phone. For this reason, many mobile phone manufacturers have equipped 5G mobile phones with larger capacity batteries, adopted higher charging power, and introduced the latest gallium nitride technology on the chargers, so as to increase the power of the charger while controlling the size to be more compact.

    In fact, here is an interesting fact:

    Which brings a better charging experience to 5G mobile phones for this gallium nitride technology, it’s also widely used in the field of 5G technology. Why does gallium nitride charger have such a magical power? Let’s first understand what it is.

    What is gallium nitride charger?

    Gan Charger

    Through this article https://www.ietcharger.com/the-difference-between-usb-pd-and-gan%ef%bc%9f/ you can learn more about gallium nitride/GaN charger.

    Gallium nitride is a new generation of semiconductor materials. I believe everyone knows the impact of materials on technology. For example, the processor of our mobile phone is actually processed from pure silicon through the most cutting-edge technology.

    Gallium Nitride GaN is a compound of nitrogen (N) and gallium (Ga). In the semiconductor industry, it is actually a “replacer” for silicon. It has more significant advantages than traditional silicon.

    Gallium nitride power chips can combine the advantages of higher frequency, high power density and high efficiency in its unique structure, thereby increasing the frequency of silicon by about 10 times. Therefore, the industry generally believes that GaN power chips will become a catalyst for the third power electronics revolution by virtue of unprecedented performance.

    Application of Gallium Nitride in 5G Communication


    Gallium nitride GaN has a higher operating frequency than traditional silicon (Si) devices. The switching frequency limit of silicon components is about 65~95kHz, if higher may cause device loss and unnecessary energy consumption.

    However, the power components made of gallium nitride GaN still have very good efficiency in the high frequency stage, and the stability is also higher.


    In the past, R&D personnel faced major requirements for size, weight, and power in avionics, radar, electronic warfare jammers, communications infrastructure equipment, satellites, military systems, test and measurement instrumentation, and radio frequency detection.

    The unique high-frequency characteristics of gallium nitride can appropriately reduce the volume of peripheral power components, which is consistent with the characteristics required for high density of future 5G base stations.

    According to the forecast by Strategy Analytics, the market scale of RF GaN components (radio frequency gallium nitride) will start from 2018 to the next 2023. In 5G communication equipment, GaN components in the frequency band below 6gHz will gradually grow.

    In the future, whether it is a mobile phone or laptop, it will become a common phenomenon to use GaN-based radio frequency devices to send and receive mobile network and WiFi signals.

    According to the forecast by Yole Développement which a French professional technology industry market research organization, gallium nitride GaN may reach 50% of the market share in the field of RF power components. And if Apple also adopts gallium nitride technology in the future, its market share may reach 93%, becoming the mainstream of the market in one fell swoop.

    Speaking to this, I believe everyone are already feel the revolutionary nature of GaN technology. However, 5G is a professional technology after all. The “gallium nitride” everyone is talking about is actually another big application of it:

    Application of GaN in the chargers field

    More Chargers

    When it comes to the application of GaN in the chargers field, it must be mentioned that nanomicro semiconductors. It is the first company in the industry to mass-produce in the PD charger market, allowing the initial realization of the PD charger technology revolution.

    Nano-micro GaNFast power chip can provide 100 times higher switching speed than traditional silicon chip, while saving up to 40% of energy. Through SMT packaging, GaNFast™ GaN power chip realizes the integration of GaN device, drive, control and protection.

    Traditional silicon materials have been applied and developed in the power supply industry for decades, and have now reached their physical limits, with limited development space. The charger designed with silicon devices is large in size and low in efficiency, and has no advantage over gallium nitride.

    Gallium nitride materials first entered our eye from the two major fields of light-emitting diodes LED and radio frequency RF, and entered the application field of PD chargers since 2014.

    Gallium nitride power chips have advantages over traditional silicon in size and weight, and their volume is only half of the latter. With the spread of gallium nitride technology, gallium nitride chargers have also undergone many changes.

    Many digital brands are also continuing to make efforts in the field of gallium nitride chargers. For example, taking the nMany digital brands are also continuing to make efforts in the field of gallium nitride chargers. For example, taking the national digital brand “IDEAL“, the first 65W gallium nitride charger with 3-ports output opened a new chapter in the field of gallium nitride. With the blessing of GaN black technology, the compactness and high power of multiple output chargers can be achieved.


    Based on our 65W three-port GaN chargers that have been recognized by the European and American markets and praised by users, we have successively launched 65W single-port, 65W dual-port, 100W and other GaN charger products, combined with IDEAL’s accumulated technology in the power supply field for many years R&D and innovation capabilities, the quality, performance and design of gallium nitride products have outstanding performance.


    While maintaining the advantages of GaN chargers such as small size and high power density, Ideal continues to explore consumers’ real needs for charging products, and splits them into the definition of products.


    The pursuit of “one device for multiple uses” and “compact size”, such as 2C+ 1A three-port GaN, high power and compact.


    From the development of 5G, to mobile phone and loptop chargers, to the current popular fast-charging, long-lasting electric vehicles… Gallium nitride is a cutting-edge technology on the cusp of data exchange and energy utilization.

    How to use electric energy better and more efficiently is one of the most important issues in the development of science and technology in the 21st century, and it is closely related to everyone’s life.

    And how many new changes of GaN technology can bring to our lives in the future is also worth looking forward to.

    Have you used a GaN charger and how do you feel?


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