Why is USB-C better?

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    In today’s society, the charging connectors of many mobile phones have become USB Type-C connectors, and USB and computers also use Type-c connectors. For the situation where there are different connectors, it is very painful to find a suitable charging cable every time the phone and tablet are out of power. Now I think that unifying the connection cables is a boon for people who often forget the charging cable.

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    If the mobile phone uses the TYPE-C connector, it can be freely inserted and unplugged regardless of the front and back. Has many advantages that micro usb does not have. The transfer speed and charging speed are significantly improved. However, mass adoption of Type-c may take time and is not perfect. For the average consumer, there are still many obstacles. Type c doesn’t mean faster charging. Type c can provide higher charging speed, there is no doubt, but this is only for USB 3.1 compliant Type-C. USB 3.1 supports the USB-PD power supply delay power supply standard, and the maximum power supply can reach 100W. The charging speed will indeed be greatly improved. But only USB 2.0 standard type-c interface phones do not support true fast charging. The most obvious example is the ONE PLUS 2. Type c is actually an electronic device interface standard also known as usb C. In August 2014, the USB IF USB standardization organization released the USB type c interface standard. It also takes advantage of its own technology and is now gradually developing into a unified electronic interface.

    Why is type-c so widely used?
    In fact, it mainly comes from the TYPE-C interface standard, which is an extremely important part of fast charging technology. With the development of network technology, mobile phones rely more and more on the Internet. The more problems there are, the more power it consumes. Now to reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone, you can start from the update of the mobile phone battery and the charging technology.

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    There are two common fast charging technologies:
    One is to increase the charging power by improving the power supply conversion equipment of the power adapter electronic and electrical equipment, commonly known as the output voltage of the charger head, to achieve fast charging.
    The other is to output a large current from the charger head to increase the charging power to achieve fast charging.

    In recent years, domestic mobile phones using low-voltage fast charging technology have developed rapidly, and low-voltage fast charging technology has gradually taken over the market. Compared with the two charging methods, the low-voltage and high-current charging method can achieve higher efficiency with the same power. And the connector can’t withstand high current and can’t ensure the safety of charging.

    In order to achieve fast charging on the basis of ensuring charging safety, the fast charging charger head needs to convert the alternating current of our life into the specified voltage and current, and the voltage and current transmission also requires the use of special fast charging cables and interfaces. Since the number of contacts of the type c interface is several times that of the traditional interface, it can withstand much more current than the traditional charging interface, which is suitable for fast charging speed.

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    In addition, the type c interface chip has built-in E Marker chips that can identify each other. The Type c interface can automatically identify the charging and receiving device to ensure the safety of charging. At present, the USB PD power transmission protocol is not unified. The different charging voltages of 5V/12V/20V are compatible with the charging current of 1.5A/2A/3A/5A, the USB PD is 10W/18W, and the maximum charging power of 100W is realized through the combination of type c interface and USB PD. ensure the safety of charging.

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    It is said that the accessories of TYPE C are expensive and of high rarity value, and so are the accessories of TYPE C. For example, take the USB CAV video converter specially designed by Apple for Macbook, which can realize the HDMI standard USB 3.1 and USB C output through the USB C interface as an example. The macbook can be set to 4K 60hz or 1080P 30HD link.

    There are concerns about the security of Type C, which is vulnerable to a wide range of attacks due to its openness and flexibility. Especially in the face of bug vulnerabilities, hackers can avoid the data read area, store malicious code in the firmware storage area of ​​the USB device controller, and infect the malicious code if the user is noticed. The most frightening thing is that even if you know that your device is infected, ordinary antivirus software and formatting operations cannot clear the code. Plus, the chances of security experts wanting to fix bugs are low.

    However, to use the usb connector, it is necessary to comply with the usb standard, which contains certain dangers, which all manufacturers cannot avoid. In fact, the type c interface has been used in notebook computers for a long time, which can save about 2/3 of the space of notebook computers. At present, the design of mobile phones is higher, and the 3.5 mm audio interface has become one of the bottlenecks of mobile phone insurance. In addition, the pursuit of digital high-definition audio in the current market is getting higher and higher. The traditional 3.5mm audio interface can no longer meet the demand. The Type c interface is not only smaller than the traditional audio interface, but also can realize the digital audio interface, which also accelerates the elimination of The speed of a 3.5mm traditional audio interface.

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    As an important transmission link for fast charging technology, the Type c interface not only realizes fast charging, but also provides people with many conveniences such as no need to insert the reverse interface and no need to find various matching interfaces.


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