Why do lightning cables fail so easily?

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    Apple users must have a question: Why do lightning cable of the iPhone (iPad, iPod) so easy to fail? This has to be the worst quality Apple product ever!


    I have so many cables that either cannot be charged, or the plastic connector is broken, which is really not durable…

    This phenomenon occurs because the interior of the original iPhone cable is divided into aluminum foil shielding layer, metal shielding layer, international four-color wire and strong tensile protection wire.


    The aluminum foil shield is an insulating treatment to ensure the safety of the iPhone while charging.

    In order to increase the toughness of the cable, Apple also wraps a layer of metal mesh around the wire, which will extend all the way to the position of the protective rubber ring of the connector on cable, but the four wires used for charging and transmitting data will be soldered to different positions of the interface at the end, so after the wires are separated, the metal mesh can no longer wrap the wires, which makes the connector position of the Apple cable becomes the most prone to problems.

    image 1

    You thought is this because Apple made uses inferior raw materials?

    No, no, this is because Apple has abandoned the commonly used PVC material for “environmental protection”, and instead uses rubber TPE as an insulating layer. This material is safe, non-toxic, soft to the touch, and will not produce harmful substances when burned and landfilled. The disadvantage is that it is not as durable as other materials.

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    Coupled with the bad habits of some users when using the cable daily, they often pull the body of cable, and the “fragile” connector rubber position will bulge or even break.

    In addition, sometimes the cable is intact and it can’t be charged, it may be because it is dirty… If you don’t believe, put the Lighting connector at yourself, and look at the fifth contact from right to left, it is Isn’t it dark?


    The 5th pin is very easy to oxidize and turn black. At this time, you only need to wipe it with rubber or alcohol and it will be OK!

    If your luck is too bad, just bought a Lighting cable is broken, you can go to Apple to apply for a free after-sales replacement!

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    image 4

    Finally, I would like to ask Apple: It keeps saying that it is for environmental protection, but the durability of cables made of environmentally friendly materials is so poor that users have to buy more cables, resulting in more consumption of metal resources. In comparison, isn’t it more environmentally friendly to use a more durable degradable braided cable as the outer layer of the cable to ensure service life?

    Is it environmentally friendly Or to make money?


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