What is aging test? What is the usage of charger aging test?

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    After complete production of the charger, it will pass an aging test before being released to the market. All chargers that have passed the aging test will basically not have any problems when they flow into the hands of consumers. In addition, the chargers life and quality can be guaranteed. Some people may not know what’s aging test means and do not know what this production process does, so today ietcharger will come to share related information with you.

    Aging test refers to a production process that simulates a test environment under high temperature and severe conditions to burn high-performance electronic products for a long time to improve product safety, stability and reliability. In layman’s terms, it is a destructive experiment. Only the chargers that survive the torture are good quality products. So how long is this “long time”? Generally, it is 24 hours or 48 hours. Some low-quality factories may only age for a few hours or even not perform aging tests at all.


    Generally, in the process of aging test, the use of the charger will be more worse than the environment we use under normal circumstances, and the test standard is stricter. Such a test process can better reflect the use of the charger. And aging test is also a must-have method for charger manufacturers to ensure product quality, market competitiveness and price. So what is the usage of the charger after the aging test?

    1. During the aging process of the product, we will use the computer to monitor it. During the operation of the product, the computer will give us a series of data feedback, so that we can get a good understanding of the use of the charger.
    2. The long-term aging test can monitor the temperature changes when the charger is in use.
    3. It can catch the problems caused by the charger in time when it is aging.
    4. More safe and secure use.

    Aging test tips:

    1. It is necessary to simulate products working for a long time. The purpose of aging is to improve product reliability and ensure quality.
    2. The aging environment is relatively simple, just bring the load to work, so generally it is to observe whether the load is working abnormally. If you want to further observe the aging effect of the product, you can monitor it with auxiliary test equipment during the aging process.

    Aging requires a stable temperature environment higher than normal temperature, generally 40 degrees. Therefore, we must first ensure the stability of the ambient temperature. The safety aspect should mainly be the heat dissipation problem of the load, especially when the aging load used by some companies is directly the cement load, the heat dissipation problem is even more important.

    Summary: Most of the chargers that have just come out on the production line have the complete functions of their design and can be directly to use, but why still need to do an aging tested? Product quality theory tells us that product failures are often in the initial and final stages , the final stages is the normal life of the product, which is uncontrollable. But the initial stage is controllable, that is, to do a full aging test before the product is delivered to the user, we need to kill the problem before factory. Professional manufacturers do like this. The aging test can improve the stability and reliability of the product. It is an important link in the production process. Inferior manufacturers generally do not do aging test, in other words, the work of the aging test is handed over to the user, so we often buy some charger that break down after a short time when we get it. In fact, this is the result of the aging test failing, and there is a big safety hazard.

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