What is a good usb charger

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    How to judge whether a charger is a good charger? How to know if it is worth buying and whether it is worth investing?

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    We analyze from three dimensions

    1. Product quality
    2. Product sales
    3. Product price

    The first is product quality:
    We all know the principle of “you get what you pay for”. Also for electronic products, quality is very important. Inferior chargers may cause damage to the phone, and in severe cases may catch fire or explode. This is a very dangerous thing. It also happens from time to time.

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    So, how to tell whether the quality of a charger passes the test?
    We can see whether this product can pass the relevant test of the certification body. Different countries have different certification standards. Products must be produced and tested in strict accordance with the standards to obtain the relevant certificates. Therefore, a qualified product should be able to pass the test.
    European market certifications include CE, ROHS, EAC, etc. The certification standards for the American market include UL, ETL, FCC. There are also Brazil’s Anatel certification, South Korea’s KC and so on. For more details, please refer to the article: What Are Certification Requirements For Custom Electronics Products? (https://www.ietcharger.com/what-are-certification-requirements-for-custom-electronics-products/)

    Followed by sales:
    Is a product a good product, is it worth buying and selling it? Its sales are also a very important reference factor. Although the product quality is very qualified, it will cause low sales due to various reasons. If its sales have been very poor, then when you are ready to start selling this product, it will become very difficult and you need to consider carefully.

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    So how do you know the sales volume of a product?

    1. Do market research, understand market trends, and grasp market needs and preferences
    2. You can search for related products on the B2B platform to understand the sales of this type of product, such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and other platforms, which usually display sales.
    3. You can make a test order and try to sell in the target market. In this process, you can find out the problem in advance and solve the problem in advance. Avoid losses caused by serious problems found during large-scale investment.

    The last question is price:
    A good charger, although its quality is satisfactory, its market demand is also great. But if you can’t get a reasonable discount price. It is still difficult to compete with other sellers.
    So how can I buy the best charger at the best price?

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    1. It is very important to choose a good supplier. A supplier with a high degree of cooperation, an honest and reliable supplier, can make you less deceived, and can also give you preferential prices and good suggestions. He can let you spend the least money and learn the most things, and they will also have a lot of valuable experience for you to refer to for free.
      For details, please refer to the article: 10 TIPS to choose a high-quality mobile phone accessory supplier. (Https://ietcharger.com/10-tips-to-choose-a-high-quality-mobile-phone-accessory-supplier/)
    2. When doing market research, we should have a general understanding of the price of this type of product, so that we can have a good calculation, and then we will not buy products that exceed the budget when we go to the supplier for quotation.

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