The best 6A Super Quick Charging USB-C cables for your phone in 2022

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    To support a higher wattage fast charging charger, it is need to match a cable that can pass a larger current. For example, Xiaomi 120W fast charging requires a 6A current data cable. The charger and the cable must match each other, so that the real fast charge. Today, we have selected several high-quality 6A Super fast charging cables for you.

    At present, Huawei’s mobile phones and tablets basically use type-c interface cables. The 5A/6A type-c cables are Huawei’s super fast charging cables. They support 5A current. You can choose a charger that supports 5A. Super fast charging can reach 6A, and the charging speed will be much faster.



    The combination of durable nylon materials.

    Space aluminum shell, double durable, bid farewell to repeated cable changes.


    【6A Super Quick charger】


    The charger and cable support a maximum charging power of 66W, which realizes Huawei’s super fast charging, and does not need to wait for a long time for charging. Of course, it is also backward compatible with many mobile phones, 10V/4A, 10V/2.25A, 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/2A. For example, it supports 40W fast charging of Huawei Mate 30, some previous models of Huawei, and 18W of Honor.

    30 minutes Full power 88% for Huawei Mate40Pro.


    【Charge stable】

    True 6A thickened copper core

    Thicker conduction area, larger conduction area and lower resistance, Charge transmission is faster and more stable.



    Transfer 1G large files in 25 seconds.

    Charging/transmission two in one

    Thickening the conduction area is larger, the resistance is smaller, and the charge transmission is faster more stable.


    【Widely compatible】

    Compatible with 6 fast charging protocols.

    Adapt to Huawei/Millet/OPPO/ Samsung, widely compatible with QC, VooC, Huawei SCP, MTK PE fast

    charging and Samsung AFC fast charging protocols.


    【Different length】

    The different lengths, meet the needs of different occasions.

    Travel, office, business trip, etc…


    【Different design】

    There are two options for the data line interface, either straight or curved. The curved interface data line can be more convenient for charging when playing games.


    This is the 6A super fast charging cable we currently recommend in 2022. The performance of the product and the speed of the charger are all in line with the requirements.


    Custom charger or customized packing, get in touch with us for more products details or quotation list.

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