The 5 Best USB & PD Phone Power Delivery Chargers 2021 

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    I don’t know if you have noticed that, in recent years, the battery capacity of mobile phones has become larger and larger, which makes it take a long time to fully charge when using a general charger. At this time, you may wish to consider using a PD charger. Not only can the charging time be greatly shortened, but it can also support some notebook computers, and the application flexibility is very large. In addition to 5W, 20W, 30W, 38W, 45W, 65W, 100W and other different power styles, there are some differences in specifications. If you don’t know this area, it is really difficult to choose.

    1. How to choose your phone charger

    • In addition to the parameters, is there any way to judge a good phone charger?

    Judging from the weight of the charger, the regular brand charger has a very complete circuit design, complete electronic components, and heavier. The single-port fast charge can generally reach about 50g.

    Judging from the shell identifications. A qualified charger should have at least 3C mark, CE, FCC or ROHS mark for export from China.

    • Is the power of the charger the better?

    In principle, within the acceptable price range, It is not the charger but the charging device that determines the actual charging power.

    If the charging power is less than the maximum supported power of the device, that is, the charging power is too low, it will cause the charger to always keep running at a high load, and the heat will be higher, and there is a charging IC inside the mobile phone, which will automatically control the current and voltage, and it is not necessary at all worry that high-power chargers will damage the equipment.

    • Should I choose a direct plug-in charger or a foldable charger?

    There are two main types of charger plugs: in-line and foldable. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The in-line type is good because the plug is fixed and not easy to damage, but the storage performance is a bit worse; the folding type is the opposite, and the storage performance is good. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on different scenarios. It is best to choose foldable chargre on the trip, in-line type of charger at home will better.

    • Does fast charging hurt the battery?

    In fact, whether it is fast charging or ordinary charging, it will actually cause loss of battery life. Because the current and voltage of fast charging is larger than that of ordinary charging, the heat is relatively higher, so the loss of the battery will be greater than that of ordinary chargers. However, fast charging has become the mainstream, and safety can be guaranteed. Moreover, whether it is fast charging or ordinary charging, the battery is no problem for 2 years. When the battery is worn out, the time for the mobile phone to be replaced, so Generally, there is no need to worry about this problem.

    The 5 Best USB Phone Chargers 2021

    IDEAL PD20W charger IDEAL is a Chinese brand that specializes in the production of digital peripheral products such as chargers and data cables. As a well-known consumer electronics brand, its own products have been presented at the Hong Kong Global Exhibition many times and have been loved by customers.

    There are 5 types of USB phone charger highly recommend in 2021

    5V 1A 2A Mini USB charger

    Portable mobile cheapest

    Mini size, convenient to carry, great for travel use

    5W wall charger phone adapter

    9 1

    Multiport USB QC3.0 Charger adapter

    Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0: The latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world. Up to 4X faster than standard chargers, able to charge QC3.0 enable devices to 80% in just 35 minutes.

    Supreme Compatibility: The QC3.0 port backwards compatible with all versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0). Also compatible with non-Quick Charge devices.

    Three USB ports wall charger. 3 USB ports can be charged at the same time and provide Max 3.5A output totally. It can support various devices, like mobile phone, iPad, PSP, eBook, tablet, power bank, etc.

    Built-in smart IC chip, support smart charging (the 2nd and 3rd port), automatically identify all kinds brand mobile phone / tablet, provide and output the best and fastest charging current.

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    20W USB C PD fast charger

    Using original chips, high safety and reliability

    20W power, but the same size as 5w

    The charging speed is increased by 3 times,

    Support iPhone8 and above models

    The price is half of Apple’s original 20W charger

    The best replacement for iPhone charger

    7 1

    30W USB C PD fast charger with LED Light

    USB C charger can provide up to 6 times the power and charge Samsung and Apple mobile phones at full speed,

    3 times faster than ordinary 5W chargers The world’s smallest PD charger: 50% smaller than most 30W chargers,

    You can easily put it in your pocket or bag for daily use.

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    38W/45W/65W USB C PD Charger

    Type-C Output:5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3.25A(Use alone,65W MAX)
    USB-A Output:5V/3A,9V/2.22A(20W MAX)
    Type-C+USB-A Output:45W+20WPD Fast Ccharging For Notebook Laptops

    1.5hrs full charged 13″ MacBook Air

    Total Output: 65w
    Portable charger for home, office, travel and other indoor uses.
    Compatible with all smartphones like for iPhone iPad Samsung Xiaomi Huawei OPPO OnePlus Sony Google and tablet PC Camera MP3 MP4 Player PSP with USB port.
    Multi quick charge protocal meet your need
    Multi-Protocol support 65w high power quick charge
    3 Time quick charge to 50% in half an hour
    65w PD charger 50% charged, old 5w charger only 18% charged

    2021 07 22 12 46 39
    Image 9

    This time, I introduce the purchase strategy of PD charger and 5 recommended USB & PD charger products. Whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or other device, as long as it supports such specifications, you can enjoy amazing charging efficiency. If you haven’t tried it, it is recommended that you can choose the model that suits you to use, so that charging is no longer a matter of waiting for a long time!


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