PD Type-c 18W VS 20W charger for iphone 12 fast charging

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    As we all know, in the new packaging of iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, Apple cancelled the charger as an accessory. Although there is an 18W PD charger, the iPhone 11 still only gives 5W. Regardless of the past or the present, iPhone users who want to use fast charging have to purchase them separately.


    Both 18W and 20W belong to the category of ordinary fast charging. This is relative to the flash charging and super flash charging that

    everyone has charger on the market. These flash charging and super flash charging are currently seen by some private agreements. 


    For example, VOOC, Super VOOC, Huawei’s SCP, etc., currently can see output power up to 50W, 60W. 18W and 20W normal fast charging are currently mainly two international standard protocols in the market, one is the QC (Quick Charge) protocol from Qualcomm, and the other is the PD (Power Delivery) protocol from USB-IF. The QC protocol is from version 4.0. It is compatible with the USB-PD fast charging protocol from the beginning.


    Careful people may have discovered that Apple’s official PD fast charger has actually been revised-the power has been changed from 18W to 20W, and the weight has been reduced by 3.4 grams. 

    Power increase, weight decrease, price halved First, the Apple 20W charging head simplifies the circuit and greatly reduces the components; second, the solid capacitor withstand voltage is changed from 16V to 12V, the plastic board is reduced, and the interface connector is reduced from 24pin to 16pin; third, the old 18W charging Head, and the new 20W charging head, the 20W fast charging speed is ahead of about 5%.


    In fact, the appearance and size of 20W and 18W are exactly the same. They should be produced in the same mold. The word “20W” is added to the silk screen of 20W to distinguish them.

    Power files supported by these two protocols under 18W: QC: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A 

    PD: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A, 15V 1.2A

    When it reaches 20W, it mainly means that the PD has an additional power output of 9V 2.22A,

    PD: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A, 15V 1.2A, 9V 2.22A


    It can be seen from the above that if the 20W charger is compared with the 18W charger, there is only an additional 9V 2.22V output file of the PD protocol. 

    Why should there be such an extra gear?

    The main reason is that Apple removed 18W from the shelves and replaced it with 20W. At the same time, Apple’s mobile phone supports PD protocol, 20W (9V 2.22A), so the 20W charger will charge the Apple mobile phone faster.

    But this more 9V 2.22A is important. As mentioned earlier, the first Apple official discontinued PD 18W charging head, instead of PD 20W, the main thing behind it is that Apple’s other accessories all specify 9V 2.22A. , Otherwise the output power will be much smaller, such as MagSafe wireless charger, all new PD chargers are supporting PD 20W, compatible with 18W

    My advice 

    1. If you already have an 18W charger, you don’t need to buy a 20W fast charge
    2. If you are currently using 5W and 12W, there is no need for fast charging, no additional purchase is also possible.
    3. If you are a heavy user of mobile phones and often need to quickly charge up, or use MagSafe induction chargers, it is recommended to purchase

    Since Apple is no longer equipped with chargers since Iphone12, the majority of third-party charger products have begun to develop their own brand of PD chargers. Because they all use PD fast charging protocol, the chip scheme is not much different, so excellent third-party fast charging products The charging efficiency is not much different from the original one, but the price is much cheaper and the price/performance ratio is very high.

    I will also recommend this mini20w PD charger

    1. The internal layout is compact, and the space utilization rate is high, so the same power and smaller volume, even if it is a handbag, it can be easily carried.

    2. The internal ring heat dissipation structure design, the heat balance effect is better, the heat dissipation efficiency is high.

    3. Provide a complete protection scheme, including cycle-by-cycle current limit, overload protection, undervoltage lockout and internal overheating protection, etc. The fast charge protocol is consistent with Apple, both are USB-PD fast charge protocols.


    If you buy the charger separately, it is recommended to use 20W or higher power. If the iPhone 12, iPad and other devices are updated later, it will be more practical.


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