Notice! In this way, the usb cable will be broken in less than a month.

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    Have you ever had such troubles?
    The usb cable has been used for less than a few months, and it cracked or even broke for no reason!
    As we all know, the interface of the Apple usb cable looks very fragile without any protection measures:

    image 73

    They all have the same fate. The cracks are in the same location.

    image 74

    If the family also raises dog .
    Then the data line is even more “misfortunes do not come singly”
    Wait until you are in a hurry to find the data cable to charge
    It has long been lying on the ground quietly
    heroic sacrifice
    I just want to cry without tears…

    Want a sturdy cable, is that difficult?
    But why does the phone charging cable break so easily?
    Where is the problem?

    The usb cable is easy to break, maybe you are using it wrong

    1. Excessive force when plugging and unplugging.

    Many friends are not gentle with their data cable. When you plug and unplug the data cable, you directly pull the data cable. Do you think it is very handsome? Over time, the position of the rubber ring of the data cable connector will bulge and then crack.

    ◆In order to prevent the usb cable from breaking, when we pull the usb cable, we should pinch the end of the wire instead of directly pulling the wire part.

    image 3

    2. Improper use

    Many people like to play with their mobile phones while charging. The connector is easily pulled to 90 degrees, and it is in a deformed state for a long time, and it is easy to be pulled off.
    ◆ Always take care of the data cable like you love your mobile phone. Do not throw the data cable around, roll it up or buy a cable organizer to store the data cable when carrying it, and pay attention to the angle of the cable when charging and playing.

    image 4
    1. High temperature damage

    Most of the skin of the USB cable is gel-like. If it is close to a strong heat source, the temperature will be too high, which will cause thermal expansion and contraction, and the data cable will be easily broken if there are many times.

    ◆ It is best to keep the data cable away from the hot mobile power supply, to avoid the data cable being short-circuited and unable to work.

    image 5

    In addition to developing good habits, you can also tactfully add a layer of protection to the usb cable.

    image 6

    Use a small spring to surround the fixed connection. is a good idea. But it will reduce the appearance.

    image 7

    Wrap a heat shrink tube and heat it with a hair dryer or lighter.

    The mobile phone is our life, and the usb cable is also the life of the mobile phone!
    Friends, you must take good care of the usb cable, otherwise not only your mobile phone has opinions, but also your wallet!

    The original usb cable is expensive and easy to break, it doesn’t matter, you still have our handsome IDEAL usb cable!

    image 8

    IDEAL nylon PD Cable. Intelligent detection of charging equipment, intelligent matching of charging current, high-efficiency charging, will not damage the mobile phone due to excessive current.

    The unique nylon braided rope, delicate and anti-winding, hollow and bending-resistant mesh tail, one-piece injection molding, will not break after 10,000 times of bending, very strong and durable.

    This IDEAL braided data cable is specially designed for iPhone PD fast charging. With the PD fast charging head, it can quickly charge the iPhone, replacing the original 5W turtle-speed charging.

    image 10

    True PD fast charging, built-in pure copper wire core, charging faster.
    It only takes 30 minutes to charge from 0 to 50%. When you need to go out quickly, this is really time-saving and very convenient.

    Simple and stylish. Available in black and white.

    image 9


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