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    Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our modern life and work. Ensuring that the power of the mobile phone can be charged quickly and safely has become one of the topics that people care about. There are many styles of USB cables on the market, with different quality, and people will encounter various problems when purchasing and using them. Today, the author collected some common problems to sort out the most common problems and causes of usb cable for you.

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    Q1: HORRIBLE slow charging!!!!

    R1: The problem of charging speed is not only determined by the data cable, a good data cable must be used with a suitable plug. For example, a 5A fast charing cable, if you charge with a 1A charger, the charger output is only 1A, and the cable can only provide 1A current. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm how much current the device can accept, and select the appropriate charger and cable according to the device. All three are indispensable.

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    Q2: My cable recently started smoking

    R2: That was really a disaster.
    First of all, during normal use, be sure to unplug the plug and cable when it is not charging. It is very unsafe to leave the plug and cable at the power source for a long time.
    Second, we cannot use high power chargers larger than the cable can accept. For example: 1A Cable, the maximum voltage it can accept is 5W. If you use a 50W high-power charger, the instantaneous voltage is too high, it is very easy to burn the IC and cause smoke or fire.


    Q3: The issue I have is the end of the chargers getting hot.

    R3:The reasons why the mobile phone data cable interface is hot are as follows:
    Reason 1: The resistance of the charging line is large. According to the heating formula of the conductor: calorific value = current square * time * resistance. In the case of ensuring the charging current is consistent, the greater the resistance, the greater the heat generation. The copper material used in some charging cables has high resistance, and the small cross-section leads to high heat generation.

    Reason 2: When using fast charging, the current increases and the calorific value also increases. For example, if the calorific value of 1A current charging is compared to 1, the calorific value of 2A charging is four times that of 1A.

    Reason 3: The heat of the charger causes the heat to be transferred to the wire. The charger has a certain conversion rate when charging. Generally, the conversion rate is about 80%. The remaining energy is dissipated in the form of heat energy, and the copper wire in the charging cable is a good conductor of heat, which causes the charging cable to heat up.

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    Q4: I noticed that occasionally my iPhone would do the “charging” buzz randomly while plugged into this cable. Gradually it started doing it more and more frequently.

    R4: The current sound usually occurs after a charger is used for a period of time. This is usually because the filter has some faults, so that there is an AC component in the output current. If the sound starts to increase, it is recommended to replace the charger.

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    Q5: The charging speed of the newly purchased fast charging data cable becomes slower after a period of use

    1. The thin metal multi-strand wires inside the data cable are broken during use, resulting in increased wire resistance.
    2. The charging head plugged into the mobile phone is oxidized to increase the resistance.
    3. You can buy a durable outer wrapped fiber braided data cable, which can extend the life of the data cable.

    Q6:These cables come intermittent within weeks.

    R6: In this case, the most likely reason is that the charging port of the mobile phone is faulty. If the same is still the case after changing the data cable, there is no doubt about it.
    If there is no problem with the tail plug, it may be that the metal part of the cable is dirty, or the manufacturer has shortened the metal part, resulting in poor contact.

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    Summary: The mobile phone and the charger, the data cable should be of the same level. If your phone doesn’t support fast charging, it won’t work if you use a 5A or even 6A cable. If both your mobile phone and charger support super fast charging, then your cable should also support high current to play the best effect.

    And vice versa, if neither the phone nor the cable supports fast charging. If you use a high-power charger, not only will it not work as fast charging, but it may also burn out the cable and the phone.


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