How to choose a suitable supplier of Chargers from China?

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    There are many factories in China that produce mobile phone accessories, but how to choose a factory with reliable quality? If we choose their products, will their chargers explode when they are in use? I am worried that customers will return the products if there is a problem with the quality. This is a question raised by many customers.

    Let me help you solve this problem.

    As a charger manufacturer, IDEAL produces chargers designed by our own brand. We have a complete set of charger quality inspection specifications. A series of quality inspection tests will be carried out before the charger is produced. Aging test is part of our quality inspection. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the necessity of aging test.

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    During the processing of electronic products, due to complex processing and extensive use of component materials, whether it is processing defects or component defects, they can be divided into obvious defects and latent defects. Obvious defects refer to those that cause the product to fail to work properly. Defects, such as short circuit/open circuit. The latent defect causes the product to be temporarily usable, but the defect will be quickly exposed during use, and the product cannot work normally. Latent defects cannot be found by conventional inspection methods, but are eliminated by aging methods.

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    Generally, in the process of aging test, the use of the charger will be worse than the environment we use under normal circumstances, and the standard is more stringent. Such a test can better reflect the use of the power adapter. Moreover, the aging test is also a must-have method for charger manufacturers to ensure the quality, market competitiveness and price of the power adapter.

    What is the charger aging test?

    Aging test”Burn in” refers to the continuous application of environmental stress to components under a certain environmental temperature for a long period of time. Environmental stress screening (ESS: Environment Stress Screen) includes not only high temperature stress, but also other Many stresses, such as temperature cycling, random vibration, etc., accelerate the various physical and chemical reaction processes inside the components through the comprehensive action of electric-thermal stress, and promote the early exposure of various potential defects hidden in the components, so as to achieve elimination The purpose of early failure products. The charger aging test usually refers to the long-term continuous full-load operation of the power supply.

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    How long does this “long-term” last?

    It can usually be 24 or 48 hours, of course, it can be 1 or 0 hours, depending on the quality and cost requirements. The burn-in test, also called a toaster or burn-in machine, refers to a rigorous test or “attempt to burn”. Only products that have been tortured and survived are high-quality products, and large companies only sell these products to their users.

    Why do we need to perform an aging test?   

    Most of the new products in the production line have all the functions of their design, and can be used directly, so why do aging tests?

    According to product quality theory, most products will fail in the initial or final stages. The final stage is the normal service life of the product, which cannot be controlled, but the initial stage can be controlled, and it can be controlled during factory production. In other words, please conduct a comprehensive aging test in advance to kill product failures in the cradle in advance. Although the regular manufacturers perform this operation in the factory, we will still buy some inferior products, because unqualified factories usually do not perform aging tests or provide users with aging tests. If they are not used for a long time, they will be damaged, but this It is actually the result of a failed aging test.


    1. When the product is aging, we will use the computer to monitor it. During the operation of the product, the computer will give us a series of data feedback, so that we can get a good understanding of the use of the power adapter.

    2. The long-term aging test can monitor the temperature changes when the power adapter is used.

    3. It can catch the problems caused by the power adapter in time during aging. For a series of defects that may exist in the manufacturing process, such as surface contamination, poor lead welding, channel leakage, silicon cracks, oxide layer defects, and localized defects. Hot spots, etc. have a good screening effect.

    4.For non-defective components, aging can also promote the stability of their electrical parameters. If the product is used normally during the aging test, then the products that flow to customers can be used more safely and securely.


    Aging test is very necessary

    1. It is necessary to simulate products working for a long time on the customer side. The purpose of aging is to improve product reliability and ensure quality.

    2. Generally, the aging environment is relatively simple, just work with the load directly, so generally it is to observe whether the load is working abnormally. If you want to further observe the aging effect of the product, you can monitor it with auxiliary test equipment during the aging process.

    Aging generally requires a stable temperature environment higher than normal temperature, generally 40 degrees. Therefore, we must first ensure the stability of the ambient temperature.

    In order to achieve satisfactory results of aging, we will also pay attention to it when testing

    ① The aging equipment has good measures to prevent self-excited oscillation.

    ② When applying voltage to the device, increase it slowly from zero, and decrease it slowly when removing the voltage, otherwise the instantaneous pulse generated by the sudden change of the power supply voltage may damage the device. After aging, it must be measured in time within the time specified by the standard or specification, otherwise some parameters that are out of tolerance during aging will return to their original values.

    ③ To ensure that the transistor can age at the highest junction temperature, the thermal resistance of the transistor should be accurately measured. For integrated circuits, because their operating voltage and operating current are greatly restricted, their own junction temperature rise is small, and it is difficult to reach the temperature required for effective aging unless the ambient temperature is increased. Therefore, static power aging at room temperature is only used in some integrated circuits (linear circuits and digital circuits).

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    After the production of the phone charger is completed and before it flows to the market, our IDEAL factory will go through an aging test. After the aging test is completed, our QC testing department will manually check the charging status of the charger one by one, and the charger adapter that has passed the aging test will flow to consumption. Basically, there will be no malfunctions in the hands of the user. In addition, the life and quality of the power adapter after the aging test can be guaranteed. The longer the aging test time, the more secure the quality and lifespan. There are many charger manufacturers on the market.


    If you choose a trustworthy factory, the quality will be more guaranteed because their tests will be more standardized.


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