How does manufacturers to test a qualified usb cables?

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    One piece of usb cable is really not enough when we need to use it. I used to use a low-quality PVC cable to charge my phone while playing. As a result, the cable are broke and the leakage of electricity gave me a sudden blow, which made me feel in awe of this cable since then. We can not be neglected.

    broke cable

    So, what is a good charging cable? Let us test from the those three aspects of charging speed, swing bending and flame retardant performance that manufacturers will care for. Only made use high quality material of the cable are not afraid of testing.

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    The most basic cultivation of usb cables is fast charging performance, especially in this era of mobile phones without power, many people cannot survive, only charging to full capacity in the shortest time is equivalent to quick-acting heart-saving pills.

    Many brands claim to be “fast charging leaders”, and even claim to be “full charging of the phone in 2 hours”, tsk tsk.. let’s test if it’s true or not?

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    Testing way: Fix the charging cables on the test instrument in turn, and apply a weight of 5 Newtons under each cable to simulate the stress and pulling of the cable during daily use.

    According to the requirements of relevant standards, by swinging the bending instrument at a specific rate and 45 degrees left and right, each cable is swayed and bent 500 times in front and back, left and right, a total of 1,000 times, but the ietcharger usb cable can withstand about 10,000 times as video show.


    Testing way: 1) First put 10 type of usb cables in a 70° oven for 7-day aging test to simulate the aging phenomenon that occurs after the cables are used for a period of time.

    2) After aging test, needs screenshot 20cm of each cables for flame retardant test.

    3) The intercepted samples were placed on a butane flame with a height of 12 mm and burned for 30s. After removing the flame and stopping for 60s, put them back on the butane flame and burn at the same position for 30s, and observe the state of the flame to determine the flame retardant properties of the cable.

    image 16

    Many countries attach great importance to safety performance, because the flame retardant performance of the usb cable is directly related to the safety of our use! In order to ensure more accurate experimental results, we have carried out flame retardant tests in 3 times on each cable, and ietcharger’s cable has passed the test.

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