Guide for buying a mobile phone charger cable| Do you face problems while buying a cable? Read this!

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    The charging cable of the mobile phone is one of the most frequently used mobile phone accessories, because some people like to plug it into the computer or the power bank to charge, and the charging cable is used more frequently than the charging head. Nowadays, there are many types of charging cables on the market, such as 3 in 1 type, 4 in1 type, magnetic type, nylon, PVC and TPE material. How should we choose?

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    [The material of the cable is very important]

    【The Material is very important】

    What many people don’t care about the most is the material of the charging cable, and most of them are more concerned about the color. At present, there are three kinds of most material on the market, PVC, TPE and nylon braided. Among them, PVC is the first choice for many electronic product wires. It has occupied the electronic wire market for more than ten years because of its advantages of being non-flammable, high strength, and not affected by the environment. Low price is its biggest advantage. Some cheap cables we buy on ebay and Amazon are generally made of this material. In fact, high-priced cables also use this material, mainly to balance the cost. Generally, there is no problem in choosing this material.

    TPE and nylon braided materials are products introduced in recent years. Compared with PVC, TPE has improved toughness and elasticity, and it is not easy to entangle, and the key is environmental protection. Now basically some higher-priced mobile phone charging cables will use this material, after all, profit is still the first. Nylon braided material is a relatively balanced solution between performance and price. It is stronger, looks good, and is relatively environmentally friendly. Currently only third-party data lines will be used. Of course, there are Kevlar weaving with higher cost, which is said to be the toughness and strength that the car is constantly pulling, but ordinary consumers do not need such high toughness, and may be used for specific needs. For consumers, pay attention to the material and cost performance, we recommend the order of nylon weaving > TPE > PVC > Kevlar.


    【Length selection】

    Some articles about cable often mention the length of the charging cable. In theory, the shorter the cable, the better the charging effect, the longer cable, the more damage to the cable , the charging device and the battery. But for users, this gap is not extremely obvious. If it is only the difference in length, everything else is the same, and his impact is minimal. We believe that the length of the cable can be based on the usage habits. 1 meter and 2 meters are the golden lengths of the cable. Too short is tiring, and too long is inconvenient.


    【Choice of thickness】

    The thickness of the cable is indeed more critical. The thickness of the cable is determined by the inner wire. If the inner wire is very thin, then it is impossible to use a thick wire outside, otherwise it will be flattened and meaningless. Relatively speaking, the internal structure of the cable is four lines, charging line, ground line, data and data four. We often see that some cables are very thin. In fact, there are only charging cables and ground cables in them. There is no data line. The function of this line is only charging, and it cannot transmit data. The thickness of the data line, there is a more practical function is not easy to knot. Therefore, we recommend that the thicker the cable will better.


    【Choice of thickness】

    At present, the interface of the cable, in addition to the USB interface connected to one end of the charging head, is mainly three kinds of interfaces connected to the mobile phone, Apple’s Lingtning lightning interface, Micro USB interface, and the currently more popular Type-C interface.
    Apple’s Lingtning lightning interface is basically used by Apple’s iPhone series mobile phones and iPads, and the market demand is very large.
    There are fewer and fewer mobile devices with Micro USB interface, and they are basically concentrated on Android phones that do not support fast charging, but are also used on other electronic devices. For example, wireless charging pads that don’t support fast charging, power banks, bluetooth headsets, electronic cigarettes For electronic products that do not require data transmission, the random configuration is generally a relatively short and very thin pure charging cable.

    The Type-C interface is currently the hottest cable. Type-C can simultaneously support charging, data transmission, audio and video transmission and other functions at a faster speed. The core features are “fast, strong, and good”. Mobile phones, power banks, some notebooks, and even some smart devices can be used for fast charging and high-speed data transmission. Type-C was originally born in 2014. In the new version of the Macbook notebook released by Apple in 2015, the power interface, USB interface, DP interface, HDMI interface, and VGA interface were cancelled, and they were integrated together to form a Type-C interface. Since then, the Type-C interface has been completely popular.
    When purchasing a charging cable with this type-c interface, the quality must be good, and a low-quality cable cann’t meet the requirements and is not necessary.


    【Multi-in-one option】

    In the market, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 cable has always been popular. Including Lingtning interface, Micro USB interface and Type-C interface. At present, there is also a relatively popular cable, which is a magnetic cable, the charging port is inserted into the data cable connector, and then the cable and the connector are connected by magnetic suction. The biggest advantage of this is that one cable can be used to connect different electronic devices in the home. These 3 in 1 cables can also add a lot of convenience to life.


    【Charging cable inner core】

    There are many kinds of wire cores for cables, the better ones are tinned copper, aluminum-magnesium wire, enameled wire, copper wire, and copper foil wire. There are almost copper-clad steel and copper-clad iron. Generally, the cores used in good cables are basically tinned copper, copper wire and bare copper. The conductivity of pure copper data line is better. The higher the quality of the copper core, the faster the current output rate, but it will oxidize after a long time; Stable output is not easy to damage the machine. A good cable uses a thicker high-quality copper core. The pure copper core has a small core resistance, which can improve the charging efficiency of the data cable, charge efficiently and stably, generate less heat, and can transmit a current greater than 2A. However, when purchasing, the inner core of the cable cannot be visually identified with the eye, so we can choose a cable with a thicker diameter, a heavier quality, and a relatively hard wire.



    · Length: Choose 1m or 2m.
    · Material: In the process of using the mobile phone, if the cable is often bent, it is relatively violent, it is recommended to choose Nylon material. If it is not used violently, ordinary TPE and PVC materials is enough.
    · Color: Recommended dark color.
    · You can choose a cable with a thicker diameter, heavier quality, and a relatively stiffer wire.


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