What are the mobile phone fast charging protocols? Which protocols can be used in common?

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    Nowadays, various mobile phone manufacturers have their own fast charging solutions, and the fast charging names of different brands of mobile phones are also different. Can the chargers of different mobile phones be universal? What kind of mixing between protocols can achieve the power of fast charging? Let’s take a look at the analysis.

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    Let’s first look at the standard of fast charging. The general USB charging standard is 5V-0.5A, which is obviously too slow for smartphones nowadays. In order to improve the charging speed, various manufacturers have developed a variety of fast charging protocols. The charging voltage selected by different manufacturers And current are different. Therefore, a protocol is needed to coordinate between the charger and the mobile phone to ensure that the mobile phone will not be damaged by excessive current.


    Whether the charger can be used universally and fast charging depends on whether the charger and the mobile phone support the same protocol. So let’s first look at several protocols for fast charging of mobile phones

    The mainstream ones are Qualcomm’s QC3.0 (9V 2A) and QC4.0 (9V 3A), QC4.0 supports USB PD protocol, general USB PD (9V 2A/9V 3A), Huawei’s FCP (9V 2A), MediaTek The PE (15W) of Huawei and the SCP of Huawei have two specifications of 10V 4A and 5V 4.5A, and OPPO’s VOOC (5V 4A) and Super VOOC (10V 5A).

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    We can see that each manufacturer has its own fast charging protocol, although different brands of chargers support different protocols. However, they generally support the 5V2A normal fast charging protocol, as long as the charger is marked with 5V2A. Basically All mobile phones on the mobile phone support the USB charging protocol, and there is definitely no problem with normal charging.

    And most mobile phones currently support the USB PD fast charging protocol. That is to say, buying a set of USB PD fast charging protocol chargers can quickly charge most mobile phones. The premise is that your phone must have a Type C interface. In 2019 years Under the circumstances, when you buy a new phone, you must be careful not to buy a traditional microphone with USB interface. It is best to buy a Type C interface.


    However, it should be noted that some mobile phones that use the low-voltage and high-current fast charging protocol can only enter the fast charging mode if the charging cable supports it. For example, Huawei’s SCP fast charging requires a 5A high-current charging cable. OPPO’s VOOC is also the same, the conditions are more demanding, but the charging is really fast.

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    The current fast charge agreement is rather messy. Because the competition is too fierce, many of its own fast charge agreements have been spawned. I hope the fast charge alliance will unify the fast charge agreement as soon as possible. If you have other ideas, you are welcome to reply to us and discuss them together.


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