Charger production and testing process

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    In the age of head-down people, mobile phone accessories are necessities of life, and charging heads are indispensable. It is such a small charging head that consumes a lot of labor and material resources. It takes more than 20 steps to complete a small charging head. According to rough statistics, more than 30 workers in the workshop can make about 8,000 charging heads if they work eight hours a day.


    So how do various departments in a factory design and produce a charger? let’s look at it together:

    1. The Engineering Department conducts product development. After the development is completed, the following information should be available:
      (1) BOM table.
      (2) Schematic diagram.
      (3) Develop samples.
      (4) Model name (named according to regulations).
      (5) Product specifications (performance indicators, system wiring diagrams).
      (6), PCB board diagram.

    2. After receiving the materials from the engineering department, the electronics department and quality department should complete the compilation, review, and issuance of relevant materials within two working days. Mainly include: writing SOP. (Component processing, plug-in, soldering, testing, assembly, aging, ultrasonic and packaging, etc.).

    Common chargers should be divided into internal circuit board and external shell assembly, the steps include:
    (1) Printed circuit boards: PCB (Printed Circuit Board), is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components, and a carrier for electrical interconnection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a “printed” circuit board.Use the robot to place the printed circuit board on the production line.


    (2) Plug-in: Insert electronic components into corresponding positions on the printed circuit board;


    (3) Fixing: Use automatic welding equipment to weld and fix the electronic components on the printed circuit board;

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    (4) Brushing: Use an automatic brushing machine to brush off the solder beads on the printed circuit board, and to recover the brushed solder beads;
    (5) Sub-board: Use automatic sub-board equipment to divide the printed circuit board into a single printed circuit board in small units;


    (6) Housing: Use a manipulator to load a single printed circuit board into the housing of the charger, and then weld and fix it by welding equipment. The present invention reduces the manual operation links, reduces the error rate, and improves the charging The production efficiency and qualification rate of the charger further realize the automated production of the charger.

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    1. After the product goes online, the production technology of the Engineering Department and the Electronic Department will follow up the whole process. Carry out operation teaching and guidance for all production processes (component processing, plug-in, tin handling, testing, assembly, aging, ultrasound and packaging, etc.), and timely understand the production situation and deal with abnormalities.
      (1) For models with mature technology, the production technology of the Electronics Department is the main person in charge, mainly to solve the problems of production and technology, and to ensure the smooth progress of production.
      (2) For models with very immature technology, the engineering department is the main person in charge, mainly to find and solve the defects in product design. The engineering department assists in production technology, solves production and process problems, and ensures the smooth progress of production.
      (3) The quality department should do a good job in quality inspection. Every qualified charger needs power-on, load, PCBA inspection, aging test and other tests before leaving the factory, so that bad products can be screened out in advance during the test process.

    (4) All departments should report to the engineering department the problems in production in a timely manner. To
    (5) The production technology should keep a record of the problems that occur in production, and fill in the “Product Production Report” carefully.
    (6) Problems that can be handled by production technology should be handled in time. Those that cannot be handled shall be reported to relevant departments in time, and the handling of relevant departments shall be followed up.
    (7) During production, the production section of the electronics department shall collect the data of product working hours and auxiliary materials in a timely manner, and send the data of working hours and auxiliary materials to PMC within two working days after production.

    The above is the complete production process of a charger. In summary, The complete production process of a charger can be summed up as blank board printing, plug-in, soldering, inspection, shell assembly, finished product testing, and finished product packaging.


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