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    Nowadays, people are inseparable from the smartphone. It can help us do many things. However, because we often used the phone, it’s power consumption are very fast. Therefore, choosing a good phone charger is Very necessary! A high-quality mobile phone charger can not only charge quickly, and improve the charging efficiency of the phone, also can protect your phone as well. If you don’t know how to choose a high-quality charger, just read this article. We will recommend some high-quality mobile phone chargers to everyone!

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    Types of mobile phone charging cables.

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    In the past, there were many types of charging cables, because the charging interface was also numerous of mobile phones, but with the development of technology, the current charging cable interface has been designed by subtraction. The mainstream charging cables include Micro USB, Type-C, Lightning on the market.

    Micro USB: Micro USB port is the most common mobile phone interface on the market. It has been available for a long time and is generally used in Android mobile phones.

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    Type-C: The Type-C port has become popular charging port in recent years. The charging cable of this port has faster transmission speed and strong power transmission. More importantly, the Type-C port is positive or the reverse side can be inserted into the mobile phone, which is more convenient to use!

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    Lightning: The Lightning port is an interface for Apple products. Like the Type-C port, the Lightning port can be inserted into the mobile phone on both sides.

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    What problems should we pay attention to when buying a charger?

    The material of the charger: the shell of the high-quality charger will made use original plastic, so its flame retardancy is very good, and the safety index of charging is relatively high. While the inferior mobile phone charger is made of recycled plastic material, there are certain safety hazards in the charger!

    Various certifications of chargers: Qualified chargers will have CE, ROHS, UL and other certifications, and certified chargers meet the mandatory production requirements of various countries; whether there is a zigzag mark, this zigzag mark refers to the double-layer insulation protection of the charger means that the charger has two insulation methods.

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    The workmanship of the charger: The appearance and workmanship is relatively delicate of high-quality charger, it is also relatively heavy, and it will not be deformed when squeezed hard!

    Regarding problem of chargers.

    Will fast charging damage the phone battery?

    Whether fast charging or normal charging methods will cause certain damage to the phone battery, but the damage to the battery by fast charging is higher. Improper charging methods will cause higher damage to the battery, such as playing while charging, which will accelerate the aging of the battery .

    Can the charger be used with mixed working power?

    Chargers can be mixed to use, and will not cause great harm to the battery of the mobile phone!

    What brand of charger is better?

    Of course, it is better to choose the original charger, but because of different usage conditions, many people will choose other brands of mobile phone charging cables, such as Ugreen, Baseus and other brands are good choices!

    Highly recommend chargers.

    Recommended 20W Wall chargers – 1:1 apple original charger MHJ83CH/A

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    Recommended reason: As everyone knows, starting from Apple 12, the iPhone is no longer equipped with a wall charger, and we needs to be purchased chargers separately. The compatibility of this wall charger is very high, and it is suitable for iPhone 8 and above models. If It is the user of Apple mobile phone that recommends to start with this chargers, the charging speed is fast!

    Recommended 20W Wall chargers – Ideal 20w QC3.0+PD charger

    image 15

    Recommended reason: This USB C wall charger, compact, foldable plug, suitable for backpacks, pockets or even palms, while saving space. More importantly, this charger is very light and durable, meets different safety voltage standards, and is a good choice for travel and office! Dual-port fast charger is 3 times faster than the original 5W charger, and can charge the iPhone 12 from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes. Not only can it provide full-speed charging for two devices at the same time, saving precious time and socket space.

    Recommended 20W Wall chargers – Ideal 20w charger

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    Recommended reason: This Type C Wall Charger is built in multi-charging protection to protect your devices from over-voltage, over-heating, short-circuiting and so on. Feel reliable and safe to use it. It’s real pass CE, ROHS. It provide full-speed charging to phones, tablets, and more devices that support USB Power Delivery.

    Recommended 30W Wall chargers

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    Recommended reason: This USB C charger supports up to 30W power delivery to charge your new Samsung from 0% to 65% just within 30mins, such as Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra. It with the intelligent chip inside, the PD wall charger matches the current as your device needs automatically, ensure safety and protection for your devices. No matter how fast it charges, you won’t have to worry about your phone heating up at all.

    Recommended 65W Wall chargers – GaN 65W chargers

    image 13

    Recommended reason: This is a PD fast charger. The GaN 65W charger has multiple interfaces, which can charge several devices at the same time and improve the charging efficiency of the devices; the GaN charger adopts imported PI chip, which has fast charging speed and safety index is high, the charger has a built-in intelligent identification chip, which will not hurt the phone while charging quickly.

    Highly recommend All-in-one charging cable.

    Ideal 4 in 1 usb charging cable.

    image 17

    Recommended reason: This Multi USB 4-in-1 6A Fast Charge Cable Design, With Micro USB, Dual USB-C, IP and A connectors built-in, it’s the only cable you’ll ever need. Fits most IPhones and Android Devices, but also Type C port, one cable meets your all demands, never need to prepare and carry more cables everywhere. USB-C maximum output can be up to 6A, 66W; (Micro USB support 2A,10W; IP port support 2.4A, 12W) charge faster than most 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 cables and work better for tablets and quick charge devices. PLEASE NOTE ONLY USB C Port Connector Support For SYNCING DATA.

    Ideal 3 in 1 usb charging cable

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    Recommended reason: One cable meets your three different demands, USB-C maximum output can be up to 6A, 66W. Comfortable Nylon Braided cord is tangle-free and unbreakable. Over 6000+ bend makes multi phone charger cable a longer service life. In addition, using high-quality heat resistant aluminum alloys terminals to increase reliability and durability.

    Ideal Super fast charging cable

    image 19

    Recommended reason: This 3 in 1 cable that can meet different charging needs. The charging cable has a fast charging function, which can quickly charge laptops and other devices, which can improve charging efficiency and save time; each charging cable The power of the interface is marked at the interface, which is very convenient to use!

    If the demand is relatively large for chargers, you can choose a multi-interface charger. If you have different charging needs, you can choose a three-in-one charging cable!

    The recommendation about the charger is here! Hope this article is helpful to you! You can continue to pay attention to ietcharger, we will recommend more cost-effective smartphone chargers for you from time to time!


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