Why shielding is used for cable?

When we disassemble the charging cable, we will see various cores, and some charging cables can also see aluminum foil and braided mesh. These are loaded with shielding layers inside the wires and cables, so why add a shielding layer?

Why should you buy a good universal 4 in 1 USB Cable?

I believe that everyone uses charging cables every day. Especially for friends who often need to carry devices such as tablet computers, mobile phones or power banks with them, it is necessary to match different charging cables. Everyone thinks that it is very inconvenient to carry so many USB cables with them. So how to solve the problem of charging different electronic devices at the same time?

How to Start a Phone Charger Business

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The demand is getting higher and higher of phone chargers, so as a cross-industry entrepreneur, if you want to do this business for electronic industry, but you are very worried. Today, i will teach you how to develop this business well?