Best GaN laptop Chargers You Can Buy in 2021

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    It has to be said that the size of the chargers on the market is too large, and it takes up a large part of the place every time you go out. It is really inconvenient to carry, especially the multi-port charger, the greater the power, the larger the volume. People really want a mini multi-port charger.

    Te rapid development of technology, GaN chargers have appeared, which helped us solve the problem of excessive volume. Of course, I also believe that there are still some people who don’t know much about GaN, so I will detailed explanation today.

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    From these aspects:

    • 1. The difference between GaN charger adapter and an normal charger
    • 2. What are the advantages of GaN chargers?
    • 3. Recommended multi-port GaN charger

    The difference between a GaN charger adapter and an normal charger

    1. Different materials are used.

    According to the data, the basic material used in normal chargers is silicon. Although silicon is a very important material in the electronics industry, as people’s demand for charging increases, the fast charging power becomes larger and larger, so the volume of the fast charging It is even bigger. Even some high-power chargers can easily cause the charging to heat for a long time and cause unsafe phenomena. Therefore, everyone has found a suitable replacement charger material: gallium nitride.

    2. What is gallium nitride?

    Gallium nitride is a semiconductor material. Also known as third-generation semiconductor materials. Compared with silicon, it has better performance and is more suitable for high-power and high-frequency power devices. At the same time, the frequency of the manufactured gallium nitride chip is much higher than that of silicon, which effectively reduces the volume of the original components such as the internal transformer; the excellent heat dissipation performance also makes the internal component layout more precise. Therefore, GaN chargers have more advantages than traditional chargers in terms of volume, heat generation, and efficiency conversion. The advantages in terms of high power + multiple ports are particularly obvious.

    What are the advantages of GaN chargers?

    1. Small size. If you have a normal charger and a gallium nitride charger at the same time, you will find that the gallium nitride charger is really much smaller, so it is more convenient when we use it.

    2. More power. I think there are many gallium nitride chargers on the market that provide 65W high power and meet a variety of fast charging protocols, so that even the laptop at home does not have to worry about charging problems. What’s more, there are also multi-port chargers on the market, which can meet the charging needs of multiple devices.

    3. More secure. Judging from the above explanation, gallium nitride has super heat conduction efficiency and better heat dissipation function, so gallium nitride charger will be safer to use.

    Multi-port GaN charger Recommended

    In terms of styling design, it can be seen from the picture that this GaN charger provides four interfaces. They are two Type-C ports and one USB port, which can charge three devices at the same time. And its overall volume is not big at all, a bit smaller than the original charger for Apple’s 61W MacBook Pro notebook. At the same time, in order to further save the space of the charger, this charger adopts a folding pin design, which not only saves space, but also prevents the charger pin from being damaged in a squeezed environment.


    Secondly, in terms of charging speed, gallium nitride fast charging is also very strong. The dual Type-C interface can meet the fast charging of most notebook PDs; the USB interface supports fast charging of mainstream models such as Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi. If multiple devices are charged together, this 65w dual type-c GaN charger is a perfect match. Of course, I will show you in detail which fast charging protocols Baseus GaN fast charging supports, as shown in the figure:


    Finally, GaN fast charging is very safe to use. When charging in multiple channels, Baseus will use intelligent dynamic distribution technology to safely and securely charge, and has six major safety features such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection. Protective measures also allow us to use more peace of mind.


    In addition, this GaN charger does not pursue the extreme small size, but uses the traditional tiled circuit board structure design. Compared with the stacked circuit board structure, the advantage of the tiled structure is that there is a certain amount of space between the various components. Space to avoid heat accumulation and improve the overall heat dissipation effect to achieve the purpose of low-temperature fast charging.

    As a new product, GaN adapters can become popular in the market. It is confirmed that there are reasons for it. Its mini and practicality bring a lot of convenience to life. If you often go on business trips, travel, or if you have more equipment at home, you can use multiple ports. GaN charger is very necessary.


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