8 Reasons why the charger don’t work and solutions

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    The battery is the heart of a mobile phone. If a mobile phone does not have a battery, it cannot be used. The power of the battery is equivalent to the blood of the phone. If no power, the mobile phone will gradually become unusable. Therefore, for every mobile phone, normal operation can be guaranteed only when sufficient power is ensured. So when we use it, we often encounter the situation that the charger cannot be work. This situation is still relatively common. So what is the reason why the charger cannot be work?

    Charger Dont Work
    Charger Dont Work

    There are many reasons why the charger can’t charge, let’s take a look at the specific reasons!

    Reason 1: The battery is aging
    When the battery is aging, it cannot be brought back to life through repair, and basically can only be scrapped.

    Reason 2: The battery loses water
    When the battery loses water, it can still be used after replenishing water according to the regulations.

    Reason 3: The battery electrode plate is vulcanized
    If the electrode plate is vulcanized, charging and discharging will show that the voltage rises quickly and the capacity is obviously reduced, should be use repair equipment to remove sulfur, restore the electrode plates and restore activity.

    Reason 4: The charging line is broken
    Check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, if the connection is in good contact with the plug, carefully to check if the socket and plug have “firing” arc phenomenon, whether there is line damage, disconnection, etc. Check if whether the charger is damaged and the charging parameters meet the requirements.

    Reason 5: Poor fuse contact
    When the contact between the fuse tube and the fuse holder is poor, the battery cannot be work or the battery is not fully charged. As long as the two positions are adjusted to make in good contact, the problem will be solved.

    Reason 6: Poor contact of the internal plug-in
    Poor contact of the plug-in inside the battery or broken lead wire will also cause charging failure. As long as the battery is plugged in again or change a new wire, normal charging can be resumed.

    Reason 7: The charger is bad
    When the charger can’t work, but the indicator light is on, we will mistakenly think that it is charging all the time, but it can’t be charged at all!

    Reason 8: circuit board failure
    When the circuit board is disconnected in the dial, it will also cause the battery to fail. Just replace or repair the circuit board.


    So what should we do if the charger don’t work?

    Solution 1: The charger or the usb cable are bad
    just need to replace the charger or usb cable. (Note: Please try to choose the original for replacement, so that it will not cause harm to the phone. If you feel that the original one is not good, you can buy a better quality charger, but note that the specifications of the charger must be the same as your original one. If the current is too large, it may cause damage to the mobile phone motherboard.)

    Solution 2: Interface problem of mobile phone
    This is caused by a bad charging interface, such as looseness. Please go to a professional repairs store.

    Solution 3: Battery problem
    If it is definitely a battery problem, then pls change the battery. I don’t suggest buying copy batteries. It is best to use original or high-quality batteries.

    Solution 4: System rom problems
    If for system rom problems, please ensure that you have a certain amount of flashing experience or knowledge of mobile phone systems. You can choose to re-flash the machine to try or use the following method to clear the battery information of the system.

    Solution 5: Make sure the phone is rooted:
    The phone enters recovery mode, select wipe, then select wipe battery status (clear battery information), and then reboot (restart). If the recovery only has wipe data or factory reset, please back up all the data in the wipe!

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