Will iPhone 15 have USB-C?

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    Since Timothy Donald Cook took over the iPhone, the performance of the iPhone series has improved slightly. It can be said that Apple uses its own brand influence and strong user stickiness to perfunctory users with new products, which is also criticized by many Apple mobile phone users fact.

    However, as the ceiling of smartphones, most of the iphone series mobile phones were not optimistic about the media and the industry before their release, and their revelations have continued. The iPhone 14 in the second half of the year has not yet been released, and there are already a lot of information about the iPhone 15.

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    First of all, according to multiple sources, the iPhone 14 series will be released as scheduled in September, three months from now. The information that Apple broke the news in recent years has become a reality, and I believe this year will be no exception. Next year, the iPhone 15 series has been exposed, not only the whole series of perforated screens, but also the USB-C interface.

    Both Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have said that Apple is testing a version of the iPhone that has a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, Kuo noted that USB-C would improve transfer speeds on the iPhone and improve charging speeds. it is expected that Apple will replace the USB-C data interface for the iPhone 15 in 2023. Consumers are still very happy and supported by this news.

    Since the iPhone 5 series, Apple has been using the Lightning port on the iPhone. Even if the iPhone’s charging performance is not excellent, it has not shaken the status of the Lightning port. Therefore, there are still many users who do not believe that the iPhone 15 will switch to USB-C. After all, this interface will damage Apple’s MFi accessories certification business and reduce the sales revenue of a large amount of related accessories.

    In addition, some overseas sources also confirmed the news. It is reported that Apple has switched to the USB-C interface (Type-C interface) in the process of testing future iPhone models, replacing the original Lightning interface.

    In addition, in order to take care of old users, Apple has also developed a charger that is compatible with both old and new iPhones. At present, some of Apple’s tablet products have begun to use the USB-C data cable, and Apple has not used it in iPhone and other devices for a long time. One of the main reasons is that it is generally waterproof.

    By the way, in April this year, the European Parliament voted to pass a motion. It requires all manufacturers to ensure that all consumer electronics products sold in Europe that are charged over the wire, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, portable game consoles, use the USB-C interface. Only smartwatches and other devices that are too small to use this interface are exempt.

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    MEPs also hoped at the time that the European Commission would come up with a strategy by 2026 to ensure the interoperability of wireless charging solutions, avoid market fragmentation, reduce waste and ensure user convenience.At the time, the media commented that this was a step towards forcing Apple to switch to USB-C for the iPhone, iPad and AirPod.

    Apple’s move may also be in response to EU legislation, which is somewhat helpless for Apple. Interests are at the forefront. Apple has firmly grasped the Apple charging cable market with MFi certification over the years. Does anyone else want to produce Apple charging cables? First settle the money for the purchase of the MFi chip.

    According to industry insiders, Apple’s money-making unit in this wave of operations is in the order of billions per year. Are you willing to change it to C port?

    Of course, it is not impossible that Cook chooses to “change” one day.

    The front foot has already been proposed by the European Union and some agencies to legislate, requiring Apple to use the USB-C interface for electronic devices sold in the European market; after the rear foot is replaced with a C port to improve the entire hardware of the iPhone, the resulting lucrative profits may not be comparable. Now MFi certified accessories service less.

    In any case, the only certainty now is that even if Apple replaces the iPhone port with a DEFG port, the fact that it does not come with a charging head cannot be changed. After all, the sweetness of 6.5 billion US dollars is there. In any case, a big project in units of 100 million is not something that civilians like Xiaobian can consider, let’s go and see which charging head is more worth buying~

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    Finally: Judging from the current situation, it is still uncertain whether the iPhone 15 uses the C port, and it is likely to be the L port. After all, environmental protection can make a lot of money, and the income from accessories cannot be easily given up. Of course, it is also a matter of time before the iPhone adopts the C port, because the synchronous charging port of the mobile phone is a general trend.

    For issues related to the USB-C interface, you can refer to the following article

    So, do you want the iPhone to change the interface? What do you think about this, please leave a comment, like, and share.


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