Why shielding is used for cable?

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    When we disassemble the charging cable, we will see various cores, and some charging cables can also see aluminum foil and braided mesh. These are loaded with shielding layers inside the wires and cables, so why add a shielding layer? What does it do? In the following text, I will take you to understand it!


    An important role of the charging cable is to transmit data signals. But when we use it, there may be all kinds of messy interference information around us. Let’s think about if these interfering signals enter the inner conductor of the data line and are superimposed on the originally transmitted signal, is it possible to interfere or change the originally transmitted signal, thereby causing loss of useful signals or problems?

    How does shielding work?

    Shielding is a metallic isolation between two spatial regions to control the induction and radiation of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic waves from one region to another. Specifically, the conductor core is surrounded by a shield to prevent them from being affected by external electromagnetic fields/interference signals, and at the same time, it can also prevent the interference electromagnetic fields/signals in the wires from spreading outward. It should be noted that one end of it must be connected to the signal ground of the circuit, because the effect of the shielding layer is not mainly caused by the reflection and absorption of the electric field and magnetic field by the metal body itself, but is caused by the grounding of the shielding layer. The different form will directly affect the shielding effect.


    The benefits of shielding?

    1. These braided meshes and aluminum foil layers play a protective and shielding role for the information we want to transmit. Shielded network cable refers to a network cable with a shielding layer inside, which is mainly made of non-magnetic materials such as copper and aluminum. The shielding layer refers to aluminum foil and braided mesh. Their thickness is very thin, much smaller than the skin of metal materials on the frequency of use. depth. Of course not all data lines have two shields, some have multiple shields, some have only one, or even none at all. The shielding layer of the single-shielded network cable has only one layer of aluminum foil. The double-shielded network cable is wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil outside the twisted pair, and has a layer of metal braided mesh, Double shielded network cables are mainly used in environments with strong interference, and unshielded network cables are used in ordinary daily network environments.


    2. The shielding layer can play a certain role in grounding protection. If the core wire of the cable is damaged, the leaked current can flow into the grounding network along the shielding layer to play a role in safety protection.

    3. When the current passes through the wire and cable, a magnetic field will be generated around the current. In order not to affect other components inside the wire and cable, we usually add a shielding layer inside the cable sheath to shield the electromagnetic field in the cable.


    Therefore, there will be a shielding layer in the mobile phone charging cable, and the shielding layer of the good quality cable will be thicker and the braided net will be denser, which can better play a shielding role.


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