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    If you want the mobile phone to be used normally, you need to ensure that the battery have power. The battery have power by a charger, so learning more of the common knowledge for chargers will be helpful to the use of the phones. Especially recently, mobile phone manufacturers have begun to cancel the charger in the phone, which is very helpful for you to choose a suitable charger.

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    • How many types of mobile phone charger interface?

    The current interfaces include USB-A, USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning. One end of the cable is USB-A, and the other end is USB-C for normal type of Android, One end of the cable is USB-A, and the other end is micro USB for old type of Android, One end of the the cable is USB-C, and the other end is Lightning for Apple.

    • How many types of fast charger program?

    The fast charge program refers to the agreement that the mobile phone charger does not support a certain output power of the battery. Common fast charging program are: PD, QC, PE, SCP, FCP, VOOC. There are also private agreements owned by some mobile phone manufacturers.

    • What’s the mean of the signs on the mobile phone charger?

    GS/CE/RoHS are certified mark.

    Two small squares is double insulation.

    The house’s logo is “indoor use only” mark, indicating that the product may be harmful when used in a non-indoor environment.

    The trash can sign is that “cannot be placed in the trash can”, indicating that the product constituent materials may contain substances that have an impact on the environment. After use, it cannot be placed in the trash can for general waste (disposal through special channels).

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    • How to calculate the output power of the mobile phone charger?

    This involves physical knowledge, output power (P) = output current (I) x output voltage (U). Generally, there are multiple specifications of output voltage and output current on mobile phone chargers, if you know the current and voltage, then can get the power. For example, 9V=2A means 18W. The maximum output power should also be considered if the battery is not supported. If it is not supported, the corresponding output power will be matched downwards.

    • What’s a GaN charger?

    At present, our commonly used mobile phone chargers are switching chargers. Previously, the commonly used switching material was silicon Si, and the general switching frequency can reach the level of 100,000. For now, it was discovered that a switch made of gallium nitride can reach a million-level switching frequency. GaN gallium nitride has the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, and low resistance. This third-generation semiconductor material has more advantages than silicon. The advantages of GaN chargers are small size, safety, and multiple sockets.

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    • Fast charger is harmful to the mobile phone battery?

    Currently, mobile phone batteries use lithium batteries. According to the theoretical value, fast charging will cause more damage to the batteries. But don’t worry, it will not affect normal use, and it is within the expected natural loss range of lithium batteries. According to country standards, when the battery is charged and discharged 500 times, the battery capacity is more than 80% qualified. So don’t worry for that.

    • We must use original charger?

    Not necessarily, but the original charger is of course better. After all, there are mobile phone manufacturers who trust and endorse, and they also support their own private program for fast charging. At present, you can also choose third-party brand chargers, because some chargers of mobile phone manufacturers are processed by these brands. For example, some of Xiaomi’s chargers are produced by Zimi. But you need to pay attention, do not buy other chargers no brand, there are great safety risks.

    • The difference between original charger and non-original charger?

    The original charger are from original mobile phone manufacturer, which is loved by people, mainly for quality, safety and after-sales guarantee. Non-original chargers refer to other charger that in addition to the original charger, which are not recognized by people. Since mobile phone manufacturers canceled the gift of accessories, more and more people began to recognize non-original chargers, the original ones are too expensive and the non-original prices are affordable.

    • Why is the charging process of the fast charger from fast and then slow?

    This design is mainly to protect the battery. Normally, if the mobile phone is at a low battery level below 20%, the mobile phone will start fast charging and charge to 60%, and then the charging speed will slow down. When it reaches 80%, the mobile phone fast charge will switch to trickle mode. Under normal circumstances, it is reasonable to keep the battery level of the mobile phone at 50-80%.

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    • Need to disconnect the charger immediately when the phone is fully charged?

    It is circulated on the Internet that if the battery is not disconnected immediately, the battery will be damaged, which is wrong. Every mobile phone has a power management chip, which will automatically disconnect after being fully charged, so don’t worry about charging it casually.

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    If you want to learn more about the charger, you can continue to read on. In this article, I will start this topic with you from the following perspectives:

    1. What conditions are needed for a high-quality charger?
    2. Wired charger VS wireless charger
    3. Highly recommended cost-effective of mobile phone charger
    • What conditions are needed for a high-quality charger?

    About quality of chargers, we analyze from the following four aspects,
    Security problem – As long as your charger are pass below certified, it is qualified.
    (China:3C certificate, Europe:CE/RoHS certificate, USA:UL certificate, Australia:SAA certificate, Korea:KC certificate, Japan:PSE certificate, India:BIS certificate, Russia:GOST certificate, Germany:GS certificate)
    Power supply problem -Power supply is also very important. On the one hand, it can provide a large enough current and compensate for the line loss on the voltage. On the other hand, it is the fast charging technology. I think the best charger should support 5V high current fast charging and USB extended 12V 20V charging mode.
    Identify protocol issues – The most troublesome part of fast charging is the identification protocol problem. The current identification protocol for fast charging as follows


    Price – How much for a fast charger? I can tell you very clearly: about $1-$2, multiple protocol identification need to add about $1. That is to say, for a charger of 24W (5V/9V/12V=2A), the actual BOM cost is about $10, because it’s for ODM, mobile phone manufacturers provide at most one ID design solution, so there is no design cost and test cost, and the BOM cost is factory cost.

    • Wired charger VS wireless charger
    Wireless Charger
    • Highly recommended cost-effective of mobile phone charger

    5V 1A charger – this charger pass CE/GS certifications, enjoy a lightweight build that makes it easier than ever to carry the charger with you and never run out of power,perfect for travel.

    Ga 0501000v (7)

    5V 2A charger – 2 USB charging ports for optimal charging efficiency.Allows to charge 2 cellphones at the same time.It automatically matches the maximum charging current designed for your device, and hence minimizes charging time.

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    QC3.0 charger – Backwards-compatible with all versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology (1.0, 2.0 & 3.0). Also charges non-Quick Charge devices at up to 2.4A.Compatible all kinds of smart phones and other USB digital equipment.

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    18W PD USB-C charger – Equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery port, the wall charger provide full-speed charging to phones, tablets, and more devices that support USB Power Delivery.

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    20W QC3.0 + PD USB-C charger – The 20W Dual-Port Fast Power Adapter uses Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 to offer fast, efficient charging. You can pair it with iPhone 8 or later to take advantage of the fast-charging feature, charging up to 50% in around 30 minutes. The iPad Pro series and Samsung Galaxy series that support PD or QC 3.0 fast charging technology can also be paired to obtain better charging performance by using corresponding cables.


    Finally, thank you for reading, and hope that will helpful to you! If you are interested in this kind of knowledge, you can bookmark our website and we will update more high-quality articles later.


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