Is fast charging bad for battery life?

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    In recent years, the charging speed of mobile phones continues to grow, and the emergence of fast charging brings convenience to everyone. At the same time, soaring charging speed is not exempt from users to worry, will fast charge hurt the battery? And for this problem, everyone’s opinion is different, and it has also become a common confusion in everyone.

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    Is Fast Charging hurts Battery?

    1. To clearly know, we have to understand which factors affect the battery life. 

    Including Apple, almost all smartphones are used in the present stage. The reason why the lithium-ion battery has a higher power density, a smaller size, and it is more suitable for smartphones.

    The charging and discharge of the lithium ion battery is in principle that the flow between the positive electrode and the negative electrode of the battery, The active of the battery will consume. Over time, the performance of the battery will decline, and the capacity will become low.

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    OPPO part uses experimental data to respond, detail the battery degradation of different charging cycles

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    As shown in the figure, the battery is maintained at 91% after 600 charging cycles. Even if it is more than two years, the capacity is still more than 90%. When the battery capacity drops to 80%, the mobile phone has been used for three years or even longer. From the results, mobile phone fast charge on battery life is minimal.

    2. What is normal charge and discharge cycle

    The first one: When the battery is 0, charging to 100%, then 100% of the full power is used up, which is a complete charging cycle.

    Second: When we use your phone every day, you will not start charging from ” 0 ” every time, and it is not necessarily starting with mobile phones from 100%.

    At this point, the mobile phone battery has a mechanism for calculating the cycle. For example, you will use 75% from 100%, start charging at the remaining 25%. It is charged 75%, start discharging, and use 25% to calculate a charge and discharge cycle. In short, the charge and discharge cycle is calculated according to the “total”. How much electricity is charged with the mobile phone, charging a few times, there is no direct relationship, and “total” reaches 100% charging, discharge, is only a real charge and discharge cycle. After understanding the charging cycle, we can know that the battery loss is slow, and how many charge and discharge cycles are used in a total of it. Some people use only one cycle or 2 cycles a day, some people may use 4 cycles one day, even if they do not use fast charge, the battery’s battery will naturally attenuate.

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    3. Now mobile phone fast charge itself has a protection mechanism

    For example, Apple has always been very cautious about the charging of the iPhone mobile phone. The iPhone is starting from iPhone 8. When Apple is in the layout, it takes into account the protection of the mobile phone. For example, intelligent regulation is performed on three stages of charging of lithium ion batteries.

    Three stages of lithium-ion battery charging: constant current precharge, large current constant flow charging and constant voltage trickle charging.

    At different stages, the charging current and voltage are different. Under normal circumstances, the fast charge only exists in the second phase, while the charging starts and full, the charging speed will be slower, and the front-aspect is used to get a large power in a short period of time. In the later stage, it will automatically change to low-voltage low current mode to complete charging, protect battery and circuit, such as the iPhone fast charge, which is set to the battery: the electric charge is 80%, which is quickly charged. After the power is 80%, the current voltage is controlled to enter the trickle charging mode, thereby further protecting the battery.

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    4. Phone Charger also has a split design

    Take the fast charge of low voltage high current mode as an example, the manufacturer delivers the increased current by increasing the passage of the charger, data cable, USB interface and other components, reduces impedance and coke fever, and heats charge from the battery. Transfer to the charger, reduce the damage brought by the battery,

    Compared with the early functional single charger, the current charger has basically has multiple functions such as short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, which greatly increases the safety of charging.

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    4. Now the heat dissipation technology of the mobile phone is improved 

    Some people will worry about damage to the battery, and the heat of the phone depends on the heat dissipation.

    At present, the main way of heat dissipation is to bring heat inside the mobile phone to the mobile phone case by thermally conductive materials.

    The most common, is the use of graphite to heat dissipation. For example, Apple, there is a graphite film on the iPhone’s CPU metal shell, which also has a graphite heat exchanger, which reduces thermal resistance, and the calories of the CPU can be transmitted from the inside to the outer casing.

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    For example, Huawei MATE30 PRO is the use of graphene liquid cooling, tested, 4 hours after the mobile phone is micro-heat, standing for 10 minutes, the recovery is normal temperature. Huawei’s mobile phone model also has self-developed GPU Turbo technology. This technology does not heat dissipation directly, but through the coordinated operation of the system and hardware, indirectly strengthen the performance of the processor, reduce the power consumption of the processor, so that the temperature of the processor remains in a state where the processor does not be hot.

    OPPO RENO ACE uses “Ice Carbon” new composite carbon fiber material, which allows heat to get from the heat source to the heat sink, can solve “Folk mobile phone fever”, “Continuous Black Phone is high” Waiting for the actual problem.

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    Therefore, the fast charge has not directly affected the battery life, but some erroneous charging habits are the culprit of the bise life, although mobile phone manufacturers have done a lot of security in product design research, but as a user with mobile phones, We also pay more attention in the process of using your mobile phone.

    1. Try not to play games or run large-scale apps when charging (according to each stage of battery charging, when the battery power is below 80%, it is a fast charging stage with huge heat, and running large-scale games at the same time will cause great damage to the battery. When the battery power is between 80% and 99%, the heat is reduced due to the decrease of charging power, It can run large games at the same time; When the battery is full, there is no need to worry about using the device)

    2. Don’t use the battery to 0%, turn it off and recharge it, it will reduce the battery life. According to relevant information, lithium batteries generally have a special discharge curve, that is, in the range of 25% ~ 80% of the power, the capacity of mobile phone battery will not be greatly damaged. If it is higher or lower than this, the loss degree of mobile phone battery capacity will be accelerated.

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    In general 

    With the development of the industry, mobile phones have made great progress in charging, as long as they are properly used, security risks are completely circumvented. Don’t worry too much about high-power fast charge, safe use, enjoy the technological pleasure brought by mobile phones !

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